Pedigree Drawing

Progeny is the leading pedigree drawing software solution used by genetic counselors, clinicians and research institutions worldwide since 1996.  There is no other software in the world combining the power of a genetic pedigree drawing tool and an easy to use powerful backend database. 

Draw and Manage Complex Pedigrees Quickly

When you need to draw or edit pedigrees manually, our 'one-click add' function provides the fastest pedigree drawing tool anywhere. Create an unlimited number of pedigrees with tons of options.

genetic pedigree drawing

  • Automatically Generate Pedigrees

    Pedigrees can also be automatically produced by entering the number of family members, or by having patients use online family history questionnaires before the clinic visit.
  • Flexibility with Icons and Subtext

    Standardized icon symbols come pre-loaded to instantly represent data in your database on the pedigree. The legend automatically updates to display each symbol used in that pedigree. Use saved formats to quickly switch between different displays for the same pedigree. The cloud template comes pre-configured, saving you time. Premium users enjoy more flexibility to modify and save additional formats.
  • Choose Among Multiple Display Options

    You have complete control over your pedigree size, dimensions and what you want displayed on the pedigree. Modify the header or footer or add free text anywhere on the pedigree. Choose to show or hide header, footer, icon symbols and subtext, grid, page breaks, date, ID#, fhq invite status and more.
  • Edit Relationships and Add Multiple Spouses and Twins

    Add, modify, delete or re-add relationships quickly without deleting the individual.
  • Copy or Save Pedigree as an Image

    Paste pedigrees into other applications, like Word or PowerPoint
  • Smartdraw for Consistent Pedigrees

    Pedigrees automatically adheres to your set default dimensions as you add family members to acheive consistency in your pedigree look and structure.
  • Import Existing Pedigrees and Associated Data

    Premium Account users can import existing pedigree data from delimited text, Excel, XML or Cyrillic FAM files. Pedigrees are automatically built after import.
  • Advanced Pedigree Functions

    Quickly highlight individuals in the pedigree by running queries or selecting specific relative classes. Save multiple views of the same pedigree.