Online Family History Questionnaire

Progeny's Family History Questionnaire (FHQ) delivers the ability to easily and securely capture family history data online from the patient before the clinic visit in an easy-to-use, self-guiding format.

Capture Family Health History Directly from Patients

Patients can fill out questionnaires via an email link, at a kiosk or tablet in the waiting room, or from a link on a website or patient portal. Patients can complete their family health history at their own pace, providing more accurate and complete data.  Pedigrees are automatically generated and managed along with all submitted data. Make your patient visits more productive by spending less time entering data and more time consulting and assessing risk.

See an example of our FHQ by completing your own family health history 

family history questionnaire

Top Benefits

Patient provides family history before the clinic visit

Patients can stop and resume questionnaires anytime and gather family data at their own pace, or invite other family members to enter data.

Automatically draws family pedigree

After submitting the questionnaire, the pedigree can be accessed, analyzed and modified instantly.

Send follow-up questionnaires

Send an email link to a patients so they can update their health and family history annually.

Use our standard template or design custom questionnaires

Our standard template is ready-to-go or premium users can design custom questionnaires as needed

Reduce costs and data entry requirements

No more time consuming and costly data entry - you can focus your time on analysis and consultation

Easy-to-use for participants

Very easy to follow interface with data field validation and skip-logic included

Manage FHQ Invites and Send Reminders

Within Progeny, you can check or update the status of any invite, send email reminders, lock invites, or view the invite history for any individual. Easily filter your invites to display only the data you desire.

manage fhq

Questionnaire Workflow

If you're interested in tracking family history data, below is a typical workflow of using the FHQ.

online questionnaire

Next Steps