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Increase Efficiency and Productivity in Assessing Inherited Risk

Progeny Clinical provides an all-inclusive tool for you to leverage the wealth of family history information as you nurture your patient from diagnosis to cure. Our triage protocol gives large health systems the ability to quickly identify high-risk patients for specialty clinic referrals. Progeny’s workflow simultaneously allows your clinical team more efficient productivity.

Top Features

Collect Family Health History Online Prior to Appointment

Patients complete online questionnaire at home or via tablet in the waiting room.
Questionnaire Details  

Draw or Auto-Generate Pedigrees

Pedigrees can be auto-generated via questionnaires, and all data is saved for the clinician to view and edit as needed.
Pedigree Drawing Features  

Run Integrated Risk Assessment Models

Identify at-risk patients in seconds by running validated cancer risk assessment models.
View Risk Assessment Models  

Save Time Managing Clinical Data

There's no data re-entry when collected via questionnaires. Design custom data entry screens and run custom reports.
Clinical Data Management  

Order & Track Genetic Testing

Use built-in test ordering portal and save time when ordering genetic testing and tracking results.
Test Ordering Features  

Generate Patient Letters

Auto-generate consult notes and patient letters with data from your database.
Letter Generation  

Secure and Compliant

All data and communication is secure and encrypted, in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.
Security Features  

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