Progeny Clinical provides robust security at all levels of access within the database.

HIPAA Compliance

Progeny's security features allows your operation to comply with HIPAA guidelines and requirements.

User and Class Based Security

Allow or prevent access to folders, fields, pedigrees, or individuals based on restrictions on what each user can perform or view. Manage passwords and logins. Our Standard an Premium licenses have all of these options pre-configured for you, offering a variety of security access for your users. Premium users can customize user class options beyond the Standard offering. 

Obsessive Security

Standard and Premium customers have their own private server with their own encrypted database. Every customer server sits in a special network segment so that while all servers are in the same area, no two customer servers will ever know each other exists. Two firewalls make doubly sure data is clean coming in and properly routed going out. All communication is hidden behind a generic 7-digit number (we don't use your name anywhere you don't want us to) and encrypted with the strongest SSL ciphers available. For more details, request our Cloud Security Whitepaper below:

Request Our Cloud Security Whitepaper