Configurable Workflows

Our graphical workflow can be quickly reconfigured at any time without additional programming to adjust to your lab's changing needs, thus safeguarding your initial investment.  This eliminates the need to spend thousands more building a custom solution in-house, or outsourcing to achieve your needed configuration. 

Design and Reconfigure Workflows Without Additional Programming

Design custom workflows according to your study or storage needs.  Edit and reconfigure your workflows with simple drag-and-drop functionality, and safeguard your initial investment.

  • Create Custom Processes for Each Stage

    Each stage of a particular laboratory workflow is managed and controlled intuitively by creating custom processes. Each process can be edited anytime as your needs change to guide the user through the workflow and control what is performed in each stage of the sample lifecyle.
  • Batch Processing

    Perform actions on entire containers or batches of samples to enhance productivity and save time

lims workflow

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