Sample Tracking and Management

Progeny provides a flexible, user-configurable inventory system to meet the specific demands of any size lab.  Our sample tracking features include an easy to use interface, allowing you to accession, store and retrieve samples, aliquots and related data quickly. 

Create a Custom Sample Inventory System to Match Your Lab

Progeny LIMS gives you complete control over setting up your inventory structure, simplifying the process of efficiently and accurately locating your samples.

  • Multi-Level Inventory Utilizing Custom Containers and Locations

    Manage your entire inventory structure in one location, from buildings and floors right down to plates and boxes. All containers are easily configured and user-defined custom containers can be added.
  • Track Custom Samples and Aliquots

    Track any kind of sample (blood, proteins, tissue etc) through their entire lifespan. Aliquots and their ‘parents’ are easily identifiable, and can be automatically named based on your specifications. 
  • Generate 1D or 2D Barcodes

    Advanced barcoding support saves data entry time and minimizes errors.  1D or 2D barcodes can be generated and associated with samples and containers.  Print to any custom label size on any printer. 

sample inventory

Plate Management

Designate any size plate (such as 96 or 384-well plates), add samples to the plate using drag and drop, and print and export the plate layout.


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