Sample Data Management

The Progeny LIMS database is fully customizable through the user interface.  Any specimen data can be tracked and tailored specifically to your lab by designing custom data entry screens.

Design Custom Data Entry Screens

Design and organize data entry screens to track all your specimen and associated phenotypic data.  Easily make changes without additional programming.

  • Add Unlimited Custom Fields

    Add any field you desire to the database.  Choose from among several different field types: text, date, numeric, yes/no, drop down, image, tables, computed, summary, hyperlink.  Table fields provide a spreadsheet-like flexibility. Computed fields can be custom-designed to automatically display any type of mathematical, conditional or summarized data you can imagine.
  • Set Data Validation Rules

    Set rules for data entry on a per-field basis to minimize errors and ensure your data integrity.  Set conditional validations (Field 1 > Field 2), require data entry in specific fields, require the user to confirm their entry, and make the values of certain fields unique to the database among many other options.
  • Easily Manage and Edit All Fields

    All your fields are organized in folders and can be easily retrieved and edited at any time.
  • User Configurable Views

    Each user can customize the view and fields you want to see on the main screen to maximize productivity.

sample datasheet

Create Custom Reports with Advanced Search/Query

Easily generate custom reports across all your sample data based on any criteria or query.  You can search, query, view, sort, modify or enter data quickly in the spreadsheet.  Import and export data easily to/from any text format.

sample spreadsheet

Schedule Tasks and Set Reminders

Each user can set their own tasks and reminders on actions to be performed, or administrators can assign tasks to users.  Query-based tasks can also be set up to trigger only when certain conditions are met.  View by status, date, priority or user.


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