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Progeny Basics

Progeny Clinical Overview – An overview of Progeny.

The Learning Center – An overview of the Learning Center.

Navigation Overview – An overview of the navigation with the different modules in Progeny.


High-Risk Colorectal Cancer Triage – Colorectal Cancer workflow.

High-Risk Breast Triage – Breast Cancer workflow.

Progeny Clinical For Cardio – Cardiology workflow.

LIMS Overview – Overview of LIMS module


Optimizing Progeny – Optimizing your Progeny usage, edit your default settings.

Profile Settings – Change the user profile settings.

Display All Individuals vs Only Probands – Switch your view to see only probands or all individuals.

Smart Lists – Columns that can be searched and filtered.

Patients View vs. Full View – The two main views for Progeny.

Switching IDS Formats – Switching between multiple IDS.

Pedigree Basics

Build a Pedigree – Build a pedigree by clicking to add individuals.

Build a Pedigree with Family Palette – Add individuals to a pedigree using the family palette tool.

Change Gender – Change the gender of an individual in a pedigree.

Change Vital Status – Change the vital status of an individual.

Mark Individual as Adopted – Mark an individual in a pedigree as adopted in or adopted out.

Change Proband – Change the proband of the pedigree to another individual.

Set Icon as Infertile or No Issue – Mark an individual on a pedigree as Infertile or No issue.

Mark Icon as asterisk plus minus – Mark an individual in a pedigree with an asterisk, plus, or minus sign.

Changing Attributes – Designate SAB – Mark the attribute of a specific individual to SAB on a pedigree.

Add Text Inside Icon – Add custom text inside an individual’s icon on a pedigree.

Add a Text-Box to Pedigree – Add your own custom free text box to a pedigree.

Edit Relationship Lines – Edit relationship lines on a pedigree to specify the type of relationship between two individuals.

Delete or Remove an Individual  – Delete or remove an individual from a pedigree.

Add a Patient – Adds a single patient with a pedigree in Progeny.

Select Individuals Meeting Query Criteria – Select and highlight individuals within a pedigree based on specified criteria.

Select and Move Individuals in a Pedigree – Select and move single or multiple individuals to any location within the same pedigree.

Print a Pedigree – Print a pedigree.

Save Pedigree as Image – Save a pedigree as an image to be used elsewhere.

Fit Pedigree to a Page – Makes the pedigree fit on a single page.

Copy a Pedigree – Copies a pedigree to be placed elsewhere.

Pedigree Settings

Pedigree Display Settings – Change the pedigree display settings.

Pedigree Dimensions – Change the pedigree dimensions.

Smartdraw Option Settings – Different settings for Smart Draw

Pedigree Format Settings – Change the different formats for the pedigree.


Invite a new Patient to Complete a Questionnaire  – Invite a new patient to fill out a questionnaire.

Invite Patient to Complete a Questionnaire  – Invite a patient, new or existing, to fill out a questionnaire.

Launch a New Questionnaire from Full View on a Tablet – Invite a patient to fill out a questionnaire from your tablet.

Launch a New Questionnaire from Patient List on a Tablet – Invite a patient to fill out a questionnaire from your tablet.

Invite Status – The Invite Status module and the different features.

Move Pedigree Once FHQ is Submitted – Move pedigrees to a specified folder once the FHQ is submitted.

Lock or Unlock Questionnaires – Lock or unlock questionnaires.

Send Reminders – Send a reminder to patients.

Patient Forgot Username-Password – Reset a patients password for their FHQ.

View/Print FHQ – View or print a completed questionnaire.

FHQ Administrative Workflows

Edit Email Templates – Edit the Email Templates for the questionnaires.

Find Questionnaire Generic Link – The location of the Generic link for questionnaires.

Edit Questionnaire Datasheet – Customize the datasheet format for the questionnaires.

Edit Questionnaire Module Overview – The Edit Questionnaire module and the different features.

Edit Questionnaire Skip Logic – Edit the Skip Logic configuration for questionnaires.


Run Risk Models – Run the Bayes-Mendel, Tyrer-Cuzick, Gail, Premm, and Claus risk models on individuals within Progeny.

Competing Mortality – Enable the Competing Mortality function when running the Tyrer-Cuzick risk model.

Genetic Testing Results

Genetic Testing Results – Using the Genetics Testing Results table.

Genetic Test Results for Non-Ambry Lab – Using the Genetics Testing Results table for a lab other than Ambry.

Letter Generation

Progeny Letter Generation demo video – The Letter Generation feature.

Create Custom Letter Template – Create your very own custom letter template, which automatically updates when using this letter for different individuals.

Edit Letter Templates – Editing and updating Progeny letter templates to include other required fields and information.

Add an Image to a Letter – Incorporate a custom image into a letter.

Edit Individual Letter – Customize an individual’s letter to add information needed before saving or exporting as a file. If selecting an existing template, the changes will not be saved to the template.

Generate Letters and Consult Notes – Generate a letter for an individual in your database.

Generate Batched Letters – Generate a letter for multiple individuals in your database.


Run a Spreadsheet – The spreadsheet module and all its features.

Enter Data on a Spreadsheet – Entering data on a spreadsheet

Updated on March 14, 2019

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