Referral Criteria

This new feature is only available in Progeny Web, version and above. In addition, the Risk Assessment Models must be configured to take advantage of this feature.

Users will now be able to determine if individuals meet referral or testing criteria based on various national guidelines for breast/ovarian, colorectal, and other cancers. This can be calculated alongside the current risk models and will be reflected in the existing risk panel on the left side of the pedigree. The PDF risk report was also updated to reflect this new data as needed.

There are 3 categories for Referral: Breast/Ovarian, Colorectal, and Other. If a patient meets the criteria for testing it will display, “Testing”, If they meet criteria for referral it will display, “Referral,” and if they meet criteria for both it will display “Testing/Referral”. If they don’t meet the criteria, the category will not be listed and it will display “Proband does not meet criteria.”

Using the Referral Criteria feature

  1. To use this feature, open any pedigree and click the Show Risk button
  2. This will open up the Risk Assessment Module. Click on the gear icon that is located to the right of the Calculate button.
  3. This will then open up the Criteria and Risk Settings. Ensure that the Determine criteria for referral/testing box is checked.

    If the Criteria check-box is greyed out, this means the Referral Criteria feature is not configured. Reach out to Progeny Support for further assistance on this process.

  4. Then click Continue to save the settings. You can then click the Calculate button to run the Risk Model which will show any criteria that have been met for the family. See the example below.
Updated on January 10, 2020

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