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Progeny Licensing and Registration

What is Global Licensing?

Progeny registrations are monitored by the concurrent license usage, which allows your facility to have as many desktop client installations as needed for your convenience. For example, if you have purchased 5 licenses when a 6th user attempts to log in to Progeny, they would receive a License Usage Exceeded notification and would not be allowed to log into the software until another user logs out. The same applies to the Progeny Web Client which allows the convenience of logging into Progeny with a web browser from anywhere within your network.

How does it work?

Progeny communicates with the Global License Server (GLS) with a simple handshake to let the server know that one of the users of a specific license is using the software. The same thing happens when a user closes or logs out of the software.

Is a new license ID required for each computer?

The benefits of Global Licensing are that there is only one license registration ID for your entire facility and it can be used with any Progeny 10 desktop client. This allows for new application installations and re-installations without the inconvenience of requesting a license file for each desktop.

Is this secure?

Absolutely, the handshake between your desktop and/or web client does not pass any data or private information from your database. It uses your license registration number to let the server know when a user logs in and logs out. The transactions are completely encrypted between the client and the GLS.

What is required from my facility in order for Global Licensing to work?

The GLS will choose any random port open on the client side and will connect on port 443 (TLS). In the event, your firewall blocks this connection attempt, a static route from the client to the GLS would be required to allow the connection to the host address: gls.progenygenetics.com.

How to Register Progeny Desktop Client:

Please note: If the registration screen does not automatically prompt to re-license your Progeny 10 application, use the following steps to successfully register your Progeny 10 desktop client application to the GLS.

  1. Log into the Progeny 10 Desktop client as the administrative user.
  2. From the main menu, click the Help drop-down menu.
  3. Select Registration…
  4. Enter your License ID (Ex: 5555555001) and click Verify.
  5. A verification message appears, click OK to continue:
  6. If the registration is successful, you will be prompted to restart the desktop client.
    If the registration fails, please contact 1-800-PROGENY or email support@progenygenetics.com for immediate support.
How to Register Progeny Web Client:

Please note: the following instructions should only be performed by your Progeny Genetics software administrator and/or the IT personnel.

  1. Log into the web-client configuration portal on the server where the web-client is installed.
    1. Make sure you use the localhost to log in, not a domain or server name.
    2. Example: http://localhost/CONFIG?id=162d2827-d57f-45c3-b385-49060d087fa0
  2. Enter the configuration credentials. Please contact Progeny Support if you do not have this information.
  3. On the Security Management module, enter your License ID.
  4. Click Generate to generate a Client Serial ID.
  5. Click Verify License:
  6. A message will confirm that the license has been successfully validated.
Updated on January 29, 2019

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