Orders Module


Through the Orders module, the user is able to see details on the status and results of genetic tests ordered through AmbryPort. The status of the ordered test is displayed under the Status column, and once the results come back, a link to open the results as a PDF will be displayed in the Results column.

  1. The smart search bar allows you to search for a specific patient based on a value in any of the columns.
    • You are able to sort these columns by clicking on the column name.
  2. The chain icon allows for you to link an order made through Ambry to a patient in Progeny. Click the chain icon and search for the correct patient to link the order to. You can also click on the Order ID next to a patient to open the AmbryPort View of their TRF.
  3. The Actions menu gives you the option to Open Pedigree or Open Datasheet.
    • Open Pedigree – Opens the pedigree that patient is a part of.
    • Open Datasheet – Opens the datasheet for the patient.
  4. Records per page allow for you to choose how many orders you would like to display per page. The options are to display 25, 50, or 100 at a time.
Updated on January 11, 2018

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