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Individual Datasheet (IDS) – Web

Individual Datasheets

Individual Datasheets (IDS) allows for input and viewing of field data for individuals. They can be created, customized and saved as an IDS format, and edited from within the Progeny Desktop client. From within the Progeny Web client, you can only enter data or select one of the previously created IDS formats.

Within the IDS tab, you can perform the following tasks using the menu buttons above the datasheet.

  • Undo – Undo the last operation.
  • Redo – Redo the last operation.
  • Print – Print the datasheet.
  • Order Test – Order individual genetic test(s) through Ambry.
  • Test Results – View genetic test results for the individual.
  • Generate Letter – Generate a letter using the individual’s data.

Switching Individual Datasheet Formats

To select a different IDS format click the icon in the upper right corner of the IDS tab (1),  navigate for (2) and select (3) the desired IDS format, and once selected, it will be loaded.

View Video: Switching IDS Formats

Updated on April 12, 2018

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