Scheduled 1.26.23

New Features

  • GTR – GTR Notes – New GTR system field for summarizing Notes field from GTR


  • PEDIGREE – Improvement of counter shown for a search of pedigrees/individuals
  • FHQ – Add configuration option to control how frequently reminders are sent
  • DATABASE – Change ‘gender’ to ‘sex’ on multiple ‘add new…’ screens
  • DATABASE – Upgrade version of jQuery used in Progeny
  • DATABASE – Remove old pedigree display settings no longer used/functional
  • SPREADSHEETS – Operation cancelled error popup for Load button – needs proper validation message.


  • FHQ – Invite Status column is not sorted properly in Pedigrees and Invite Status pages
  • FHQ – Save Invites Query Format Not working
  • FHQ – Invite Patients Who Meet Criteria Error
  • FHQ – Summary page>>View your tree>>The default relation ship line for a proband is not in a straight line in Pedigree image
  • FHQ – View your family tree is not always loading the pedigree image
  • PEDIGREE – Planned adaptive parent is changed to Biological parent when parent line is drawn between PA parent’s spouse and proband
  • PEDIGREE – Unable to Delete Parent relationship line when Parent and Planned Adoptive parent have spouse relationship line
  • PEDIGREE – Two different adaptive parents are connected and saved. Upon reopen the same pedigree had removed the relationship line of one of the adaptive children
  • PEDIGREE – Male individual is changed to female and child line is disconnected when spouse line is drawn between siblings
  • PEDIGREE – Surrogate is overlapping with Planned adoptive parent relationship line
  • PEDIGREE – Surrogate’s spouses and child are not aligned properly
  • PEDIGREE – Uncheck Biological Mother is permanently unchecked even if we try to add mother again and reopen pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Parent relationship line is shifted to Father only when drawn parent line and pedigree is reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Black screen is displayed at left side of the screen in Fit to screen mode when Show Risk is open
  • PEDIGREE – Sibling relationship line disappear when a proband is having Donor and tried to add parent to sibling
  • PEDIGREE – Child disappear when child relationship line is drawn with both Proband and it’s spouse
  • PEDIGREE – Spouse and child relationship lines disappeared when subtext legend is loaded
  • PEDIGREE – Sibling disappear when draw parent relationship with individual having spouse
  • PEDIGREE – Mother relationship line disappear when spouse is added to mother and proband already have sperm donor
  • PEDIGREE – Child relationship line is displayed with father only when child is added to father’s spouse
  • PEDIGREE – Scale settings have no impact on Copy/Save as image quality
  • PEDIGREE – Adding a spouse to father of child with egg donor is breaking the pedigree when spouse becomes left spouse
  • PEDIGREE – Sibling’s parents relationship is not displayed correctly when donor is added to Proband and Parents to sibling
  • PEDIGREE – Different error messages are displayed when try to add father to sibling after adding sperm donor to proband
  • PEDIGREE – Sibling’s Biological parent is unchecked automatically when proband’s Biological parent is unchecked
  • PEDIGREE – Planned adaptive parent line is disappeared when spouse line is deleted between two planned adaptive parents
  • PEDIGREE – Sibling line is not always saved when reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Donor’s parents and sibling disappeared when child is added to donor’s spouse
  • PEDIGREE – SmartDraw: Half sibling moving to top of pedigree and force father left not functioning
  • PEDIGREE – Connecting father to child who already has an exiting egg donor is not working properly
  • PEDIGREE – Parent relationship line is not displayed properly when donor is added to proband
  • PEDIGREE – Undo/redo: Working beyond the expected action if the relationship lines are deleted
  • DATASHEET – Datasheet is not refreshed when individual is unselected or deleted
  • DATASHEET – Sub-pedigree not displaying individual data on datasheet
  • DATASHEET – Table field is not saving the data properly after immediate switch to other individual and includes a popup shown as no individual is selected
  • DATABASE – “Individual Names” is displayed instead of “Pedigree Names” in error message when try to create New pedigree with duplicate name
  • DATABASE – Bad calculation is displayed for multiple pedigree fields in Sub-Pedigree
  • DATABASE – Pedigree fields error is displayed when sub-pedigree is created
  • DATABASE – Server error is displayed when pedigree name is blank and click on Draw now/next
  • DATABASE – Failed to generate the export pedigree XML for Sub-pedigrees
  • DATABASE – Summary fields are not working properly in an individual level computed
  • SPREADSHEETS – Adding new folder displayed the formats of old folder default
  • SPREADSHEETS – Batch letter: Page is not loading
  • LETTERS – Multiple Individuals batch letter is not saving
  • LETTERS – Batch Letters: Multiple Individuals>> batch letter >>Save letter is throwing operation cancelled errors
  • RISK – Server error is displayed for non-admin user when try to save Risk settings
  • ORDERS – Duplicate order records with same Test name is displayed right after opening documents
  • ORDERS – Unable to Link Order to Pedigree
  • SAML – Profile format not updating with SAML assertion

Updated on January 27, 2023

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