Scheduled 10.20.22

New Feature

  • ORDERS – Add a dropdown to Orders screen for switching between different Organizations in AP
  • ORDERS – Allow clinicians to see clinic’s patients in addition to user’s patients as is done in AP
  • PEDIGREE – Ability to undo/redo pedigree structure (deletions, new individuals, individual attributes, smart draw, moving individuals)
  • DATABASE – Multi-Factor Authentication with email for application login, requires configuration


  • FHQ – ‘Make Invites Inactive’ feature to use a date/date-formatted field
  • RISK – Force application to use HTTPS for all risk calculation calls
  • DATABASE – Small UI update to pedigree/individual folder count


  • PEDIGREE – Opening a pedigree after another user has deleted an individual causes only the proband to be displayed
  • PEDIGREE – Parents and siblings overlap when there is a twin relationship with another sibling and then using smart draw
  • PEDIGREE – Twin is changed to normal sibling when a parent is deleted
  • PEDIGREE – Smart draw slants relationships, shifts pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Relationship lines are slated in pedigree when ‘Conserve Left Space’ and ‘Force Father Left’ are turned on
  • PEDIGREE – Relationship lines disappear when draw spouse relationship line with Unknown gender individual
  • PEDIGREE – Donor relationship line is displayed again when Biological Mother/Father is unchecked and reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Child relationship lines disappear when spouse line is deleted between same sex spouse
  • PEDIGREE – Subtext legend is not displayed correctly in copy/save as image after subtext is changed and saved
  • PEDIGREE – Copy/Save as image feature is not reproducing a matching image to current pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Individuals are not displayed correctly in copy/save as image popup window when an individual is deleted
  • PEDIGREE – Right-click or\+ icon and double click on individual are not working in Fit to screen mode
  • PEDIGREE – Proband is not displayed in copy/save as image popup when subtext legend is on
  • PEDIGREE – Server error when changing spouse’s gender
  • PEDIGREE – Delete pedigree is throwing an error
  • PEDIGREE – Error message is displayed when copied pedigree is opened
  • PEDIGREE – Creating a spouse relationship sometimes results in an ‘other’ spouse relationship when it shouldn’t
  • PEDIGREE – The legend as no padding in between the label and the symbol
  • PEDIGREE – Planned adoptive parents, the connection of lines only shows for single parent, reopening pedigree shows for both
  • DATABASE – When creating a pedigree, default to already selected folder
  • DATABASE – Server error when filter smartlist columns with date field types
  • DATABASE – Unable to create new folder in pedigrees and individuals modules
  • DATABASE – Subfolder not visible in Create New Pedigree popup window in pedigrees module
  • DATABASE – Individual modified by field remains blank when a patient makes changes to their questionnaire
  • DATABASE – For non-end-user admin users, the smartlist admin function should not be shown
  • DATABASE – For non-end-user admin, smartlist setting ‘Restore Columns to Default’ option is missing
  • DATABASE – Error message not displayed for duplicate pedigree name
  • DATABASE – Import pedigree error displayed but file is imported on back end
  • DATABASE – Male siblings are attached when same gender spouse is added
  • DATABASE – Deleting an individual from the canvas is not deleting records from user tables
  • DATABASE – Pedigree security settings not always working properly in the application
  • DATASHEET – Datasheet does not open to upper left of page by default
  • SAML – Internal server errors when trying to authenticate with SAML
  • SAML – Issue with SAML not updating a user’s profile format
  • SAML – New SAML created users are not being logged in User Maintenance
  • RISK – Risk validation error with pedigree with twins that have a donor
  • ORDERS – Document icons are not graying out after they have been viewed
  • ORDERS – Close button is not aligned properly in AP view popup window
  • ORDERS – Opening documents before viewing any orders is asking users to login
  • LETTERS – Error upon using ‘Generate Letter’ module
  • FHQ – Default sex in FHQ was female, after change to male, reverts back to female after FHQ submission
  • FHQ – Launch questionnaire is not navigated to FHQ page from create new pedigree wizard
Updated on October 20, 2022

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