Unscheduled 7.20.22


  • DATABASE – Added pedigree manipulation logging functionality
  • FHQ – Gender system field now modifiable in FHQ


  • DATABASE – Audit View is now working again in Progeny
  • DATABASE – First name and Last name were not being updated under profile dropdown until logout and login
  • DATABASE – Maternal-Paternal system field was displaying numerical values
  • DATABASE – Sorting of FHQ status column was not done in alphabetical order as per visible text in Pedigree page
  • DATABASE – Created Date was not sorted properly
  • FHQ – Users were unable to use patient lookup screen
  • FHQ – Patient Lookup was not working without an invitation
  • FHQ – Issue fixed where Terms of Use page was Not Found
  • PEDIGREE – The Copy/Save as Image feature was not drawing the pedigree properly
  • PEDIGREE – Incorrect message was being shown for successful pedigrees/individuals import
  • PEDIGREE – Issues with “Other” delimiter for importing pedigrees/individuals
  • PEDIGREE – Fixes for some cosmetic UI issues on Import pedigrees/individuals screen
  • PEDIGREE – Missing Suggestion text like required columns names for successful import for importing pedigrees/individuals
  • PEDIGREE – The Copy/Save as Image feature was automatically readjusted the pedigree image on a scale of 100%
  • PEDIGREE – Users were unable to show grid lines or page breaks after update
  • PEDIGREE – The import pedigree was missing relationship lines and individual like Donors, Surrogates and Adaptive parents in canvas
  • PEDIGREE – Individuals list was occasionally not populating in the Pedigrees module in the main screen
  • PEDIGREE – Biological mother was checked again when unchecked and reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Reopen pedigree removed the Planned adaptive parent relationship lines which was connected by lines
  • PEDIGREE – Parent relationship line was shown incorrectly when drawing parent line and Pedigree was reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Adopted-in status was displayed when Planned Adoptive Parent line was deleted and reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Adding siblings would sometimes distort the pedigree image
  • PEDIGREE – Spouse’s Surrogate was overlapping with parent when spouse position is below parent
  • INDIVIDUALS – Copied individual record was not displaying in list of individuals
  • SYMBOLS/SUBTEXT – Error message was occasionally displayed when “Set current Format as the Default” in Symbols and Fields dropdown
  • INTEGRATION – Progeny was not releasing mirth connections sometimes

Updated on July 20, 2022

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