Scheduled 5.31.22

New Features

  • DATABASE – Automatically count number of pedigrees or individuals in the selected folder
  • SEX/GENDER – Change the Gender system field to be called ‘Sex’ instead of ‘Gender’ and adjust the UI as needed
  • SEX/GENDER – As a clinician, I want the new gender options to reflect NSGC standards for individuals in the pedigree
  • SEX/GENDER – As a clinician, I want to be able to change the gender identification of an individual in a pedigree
  • FIELD AUDIT – As an end user admin, I want to be able to perform an audit on field changes
  • FIELD AUDIT – As an end user admin, I want to be able to edit which fields are audited
  • FIELD AUDIT – As an end user admin, I want to be able to choose the unique field/identifier that shows up for individual and pedigree data in field audit reports
  • FIELD AUDIT – As an end user admin, I want to be able to filter the dates and users for a field audit report
  • FIELD AUDIT – As an end user admin, I want to be able to export field audit reports
  • FIELD AUDIT – As an end user admin, I want to be able to print the field audit report


  • DATABASE – Change authentication system to allow usernames that begin with a number
  • SPREADSHEET – Change and update Spreadsheet format save and load screens to handle folder format functionality
  • SYMBOLS – Update symbols to allow for overlapping/display of both central square and central circle, as previously in FAT client
  • SEX/GENDER – Improvements to handling change Gender for Donors
  • DATABASE – Adjust Date and Time field to show user friendly data
  • FHQ – Update FHQ Status System Field to Reflect Actual Latest Invite Status
  • DATABASE – Increase username length in Progeny to 70 characters
  • FIELDS – Add ‘concatenate’ function to table summary fields
  • DATABASE – Add caching for computed, summary, and table summary fields’ SQL in Java
  • DATABASE – Add caching for lookup table options/data during data entry
  • FHQ – Update FHQ Terms of Use (FRENCH)
  • PEDIGREE – pedigree logic – sometimes the motherid and fatherid are not getting set to the correct value based on the gender, additional sibling fixes

Bug Fixes

  • LETTERS – Blank page is displayed with an error when clear filter is clicked
  • FIELDS – Table field with computed fields as sub fields is throwing error.
  • SPREADSHEET – IND SS does not import if using Flat Field as unique ID (MRN) for User Table Records
  • PEDIGREE – Individuals disappear from pedigree after adding half sibling to mother
  • INVITES – Loading Error for adding text fields in a new invite creation for new patient
  • FHQ – View Family Tree is not showing the pedigree image
  • SYMBOLS – Unable to save changes to the symbols legend size format
  • INDIVIDUALS – Error message is displayed when entered Phone Number/Zip code in individual datasheet
  • PEDIGREE – Error message is displayed when New Pedigree is created
  • SPREADSHEET – Unable to use the Count function through ISS
  • DATABASE – Unable to query dropdown fields within a pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Individual’s Donor is overlapping with Proband’s Grand mother
  • DATABASE – Updated Error Message to be Translated in French Version, as applicable
  • LETTERS – The text in search fields gets cleared after clicking on search icon in search field and clicking on folders
  • SUBTEXT/SYMBOLS – If you click save without having previously loaded a format, you get the “call failed on the server” error
  • FIELDS – Lookup Table lists not sorting
  • PEDIGREE- Surrogate and spouse overlap each other when second spouse is added
  • ORDERS – Link order that was created on AP to a pedigree is broken
  • PEDIGREE- Error page is displayed when spouse relationship is drawn between Planned Adoptive parents of Siblings
  • PEDIGREE- Paternal uncle and Paternal aunt are overlapping with Father’s spouse relationship line when smart draw is clicked
  • PEDIGREE- Siblings Spouses relationship lines are overlapping when two spouses are added to each sibling
  • PEDIGREE- Donor and parent lines are crossing
Updated on May 31, 2022

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