Unscheduled 3.24.2022

Bug Fixes

  • PEDIGREE – Creating copy of pedigree is disconnecting lines with Surrogate and Planned adoptive parent
  • INVITE STATUS – Search for invites is not working
  • PEDIGREE – Missing individuals and relationships
  • PEDIGREE – Investigate cause of disappearing relatives and rearranged relationships
  • FIELDS – Summary fields that reference computed fields are showing (Bad Calculation)
  • SPREADSHEET – Unable to delete searched Spreadsheet
  • PEDIGREE – Copy pedigree functionality is not working
  • FHQ – Hyperlink fields displaying incorrectly in FHQ
  • PEDIGREE – Icon text disappears if entered prior to ‘Smartdraw’
  • PEDIGREE – Parent and Planned Adoptive parent disappeared when spouse relationship line is drawn when Proband is created with sibling
  • FIELDS – Table Summery Field Not Working As a Column
  • PEDIGREE – Server error is displayed when Father/Mother is added to Proband after drawing spouse relationship between parent and Planned Adoptive parent
  • PEDIGREE – Copy/save image not working in
  • LETTERS – User not able to move searched letters to subfolder
  • MAIN – Keyboard button “Enter” sends a double click to the application
  • PEDIGREE – Delete planned Adaptive parents from canvas is not auto saving
  • PEDIGREE – The Child lines distorted when same spouse is added to parent
  • DATASHEET – Unable to Make Changes to Datasheet
  • PEDIGREE – Individuals disappear when spouse line is deleted between parents after drawing spouse line between parent and Planned Adoptive parent
  • MAIN – GTR Summary Data Overflows From Field Border and Overlaps with Other Fields/Data
  • MAIN – “Set Current Format as the Default” Available to Standard Users
  • PEDIGREE – Relationship lines are incorrect when spouse relation is drawn between father and Planned Adoptive parent
  • PEDIGREE – Mother’s other spouse is not aligned properly when Half-sibling is added in FHQ
  • PEDIGREE – Donors spouse/parents relationship lines overlap each other
  • MAIN – WDCUser Constantly Signed In
  • MAIN – Duplicate templates are opened when double click on New Template in Letters page
Updated on March 30, 2022

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