Scheduled 1.27.2022

New Features

  • PEDIGREE – As a clinician, I want the Surrogates to be drawn as according to industry standards
  • PEDIGREE – As a clinician, I want the ability to add Surrogates to children through the right click “Add Relation” menu

Bug Fixes

  • FHQ – submission confirmation email is not sent
  • PEDIGREE – Pedigree Fields and Text are spilling out in Save image
  • PEDIGREE – Failed to delete the Relationship line with Surrogate
  • PEDIGREE – Release Create pedigree is throwing error
  • FHQ – Family Builder Issues
  • PEDIGREE – individual and donor are stacking when Biological father/mother is unchecked
  • PEDIGREE – Smartdraw causing pedigree to shift to the right unnecessarily
  • PEDIGREE – Smartdraw causing lines to cross and draw incorrectly
  • PEDIGREE – Parent(Unknown gender) relationship line is disappeared when donor is added, saved and reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Adding surrogates second times shown diagonally instead of straight line .
  • PEDIGREE – Surrogates –Image in canvas distorts on adding the surrogates
  • PEDIGREE – Delete surrogate from canvas is not auto saving.
  • MAIN – Draw Now: Adding donors to second individual distorts the image
  • MAIN – Release – Progeny Application makes large number of calls to derby DB recursively
  • PEDIGREE – The parent relationship line to the proband slightly distorts after adding the donor .
  • MAIN – Save individual button is not active when individual name is pasted
  • PEDIGREE – Adding siblings to spouses is placing them on the wrong side of their sibling
Updated on March 30, 2022

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