Scheduled 11.3.2021

New Features

  • SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS AND SPERM/EGG DONORS – The ability has been in the pedigree module to have sperm and egg donor for individuals. Same-sex relationships will also be possible now. Current relationships will be able to be adjusted to define the biological parents to allow for donors and same sex relationships as well.
  • BAYES 2.1.7 Update – Bayes Mendel risk model suite updated to 2.1.7
  • AUTO UPDATE FHQ TO INACTIVE – New option added to Edit Questionnaire called “Make Uncompleted Questionnaires Inactive”. This will change questionnaires to Inactive after a custom amount of time.
  • ONLY PROBANDS OPTION FOR INDIVDUALS – New dropdown added in individuals modules where users can select to see all individuals or only probands.


  • DATABASE – Added current user and current timestamp information to deleted tables
  • EMR – If MRN is missing then pedigree will not be created
  • FHQ – Launch new questionnaire did not offer all questionnaires with a new pedigree
  • FHQ – Updating a questionnaire to Inactive, Completed Manually, or Reviewed locks the questionnaire.
  • MAIN – Folders will now deselect when doing a new search in different modules
  • MAIN – General Optimizations to application performance
  • MAIN – Optimizations made to anytime the application shows a pedigree image
  • MAIN – Search adjusted throughout application to consistently show exact matches
  • RISK – Changed Competing mortality to also show up in the risk report if it was not used in a Tyrer Cuzick calculation
  • RISK – Time to determine criteria has been greatly optimized
  • TEST RESULTS – GTR fields wrap text when the data is cut off on the datasheet now
  • USER MAINTENANCE – Symbols/Subtext, Smart list admin features, and email templates added to End User Admin permissions

Bug Fixes

  • DATABASE – st_logins.logoutdate was still not getting set when a user closes the browser
  • FHQ – Automated Reminders did not work with Table Summary fields
  • FHQ – Invites were not being processed properly to check for reminders in every case
  • FHQ – Members of One family was showing error message shown instead of proper validation
  • FHQ – Updated ‘Reviewed’ Status Actions pop-up to not appear when no actions are configured in Edit Questionnaire
  • INVITE STATUS – Last Reminder Sent system field in Invites module caused invites to not load
  • INVITE STATUS – Multiple filters with AND operator was throwing error messages
  • LETTERS – Batch letters from the Spreadsheet results view did not work
  • LETTERS – Generating a letter through the individual smartlist would throw an error
  • LETTERS – User could not close the letters module from the (x) sign
  • LETTERS – Wrong icon was used for the Document Properties link in the Letters module
  • LOGIN – Users were not getting locked out after the set amount of failed logins
  • MAIN – Change gender from individuals module was not changing it right away
  • MAIN – Deleting multiple pedigrees at the same time was throwing error
  • MAIN – Error when opening individuals/pedigrees from individuals module
  • MAIN – Force Pedigree Name to be Unique option was crashing the application when creating a duplicate pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Newly created sub pedigrees creation date was same as parent pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Pedigree changes did not update the last mod date/mod by
  • PEDIGREE – Sub Pedigree is not creating it correctly after first Sub Pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Subtext was overlapping with SmartDraw
  • PEDIGREE – Switching between datasheets too fast would sometimes cause data to typed into the wrong individual
  • PEDIGREE – Symbols Legend was showing field name rather expected name
  • PEDIGREE – The subtext value were not displaying for newly added individuals
  • PEDIGREE – Two pop-ups came up when opening a spilt datasheet and no default was set
  • SINGLE SIGN ON – Issue when trying to save SAML configuration
  • SINGLE SIGN ON – SAML was not overwriting local user accounts
  • SPREADSHEET – Export table rows only in the Spreadsheet did not work
  • SPREADSHEET – Import gave error when importing into table number field
  • USER MAINTENANCE – Licensing for Save/Delete SS Formats option was not working
Updated on March 30, 2022

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