Scheduled 7.26.2021

New Features

  • END USER ADMIN – New “End User Administrator” checkbox in user maintenance for access to certain features
  • EXPORT PEDIGREE – Export Pedigree option added to pedigree actions menu
  • IMPORT PEDIGREE/INDVIDUALS MODULE – Functionality added that allows users to import pedigrees and individuals into the database from different file types
  • MOVE ON INVITATION – Added Move on Invitation option to Edit Questionnaire
  • NEW GENETIC TEST RESULTS FIELDS – New system summary fields added to summarize Variants and the different date fields at the individual level
  • SMART LIST ADMIN COLUMN MANAGEMENT – The ability for admins to manage which smart lists will show up as the default for all users or specific profiles
  • SPREADSHEET IMPORT – The ability to import data in the database using the spreadsheet


  • FHQ – Edit Query option added to Query Formats drop down on the Invite Status screen
  • FHQ – Query screen says Query Format instead of Spreadsheet Format now
  • MAIN – Auto Reminders optimized to put less of a load on the server
  • MAIN – Hibernate Management code improved to be less intensive
  • MAIN – Server Events mechanism re-designed to reduce load on the server
  • PEDIGREE – Improvements made to Pedigree creation screen
  • PEDIGREE – Old risk algorithms removed from pedigree actions menus
  • SPREADSHEET – Users can now double click to add fields to a spreadsheet
  • TEST RESULTS – Changed Results System field to say Negative when all classifications are negative for that individual
  • TEST RESULTS – Gene list loading time optimized for large lists
  • TEST RESULTS – Save button in Test Details screen will be grayed out until some data is entered
  • TEST RESULTS – Test results will now copy over when a pedigree is copied

Bug Fixes

  • FHQ – “Patients who meet specific criteria” workflow allowed users to invite non-probands to fill out a family FHQ
  • FHQ – Could not cancel/close out of New Invite workflow
  • FHQ – Error for family not having proband in members of one family workflow required six click to close
  • FHQ – Pedigrees did not populate when using the Members of One Family invite workflow
  • FHQ – Save button not translated when language set to Spanish-Latin America
  • FHQ – When user inserted username then clicked on Password then click anywhere else, they received an error message
  • INDIVIDUAL – Change gender from actions menu was not working
  • LETTER GENERATION – In Firefox, Fields and Pedigree option were missing from top section
  • MAIN – Search did not limit the search results to the search data
  • MAIN – First opened tab would lock up if a user tried to close it before opening any other tabs
  • MAIN – Individual could have been deleted even when it was open somewhere else
  • PEDGIREE – Sibling lines would occasionally overlap on top of each other
  • PEDIGREE – Actions menu of a shortcut for a pedigree’s individuals was throwing an error
  • PEDIGREE – After deleting twin relationship line, could not reattach with normal sibling relationship line
  • PEDIGREE – Certain Pedigree level summary fields would show “Bad Calculation” despite being configured correctly
  • PEDIGREE – Changes to Test Results did not show up in the subtext until the pedigree is closed and reopened
  • PEDIGREE – Clicking on Settings before the IDS was done loading displayed an error
  • PEDIGREE – On rare occasions, pedigrees wouldn’t open due to an issue with the dimensions
  • PEDIGREE – Searching for shortcut did not always work
  • PEDIGREE – Symbol legend was defaulting to the right of the header rather than under the header
  • PEDIGREE – The error message for duplicate pedigree name was fixed
  • PEDIGREE – User was able to delete pedigree drop fields and save pedigree field format when they should not have been
  • PEDIGREE – Users were able to create a shortcut for an existing pedigree shortcut
  • PEDIGREE – Wrong Error message when creating 2 shortcuts with same name
  • RISK – Historic Risk PDF reports did not open correctly post migration to MySQL
  • SPREADHSEET – Spreadsheets failed to Immediately close when clicking no to the prompt asking if you want to save
  • SPREADSHEET – Error when running a spreadsheet for Pedigree folder
  • SPREADSHEET – New rows added to spreadsheet did not have row numbers unless a row is delete
  • SPREADSHEET – Yes/No fields required three clicks to have the value changed to “N” instead of defaulting to it
  • TEST DETAILS – Error when user deletes the dates of Test details
  • TEST RESULTS – Fixed menu positioning for long lists
  • TEST RESULTS – The headers for test results table were misaligned
  • TEST RESULTS – Title of test results page was missing individual name
Updated on March 30, 2022

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