Scheduled 3.12.2021

New Features

  • INVITE STATUS – Ability to export the invite fields to text and/or excel.


  • INVITE STATUS – For Invite exports, change Invite Status and Invite Type to display the text of the field rather then the numbers in the database
  • FHQ – Unable to see all individuals on Cousins and Nieces/Nephews pages

Bug Fixes

  • GTR – Customer can’t upload/view documents in GTR
  • PEDIGREE – New pedigree fields formats set as defaults are not saving
  • DATASHEET – Setting up the individual datasheet for individual inside pedigree takes two attempts
  • MAIN – Degree of relation is not getting set properly for the siblings of a relative
  • MAIN – Degree of relation is not getting set properly for children of other spouse relationships
  • PEDIGREE – Unable to delete other spouse relationships
  • LETTERS – None Of the Paste Buttons Work For Letters
  • MAIN – New Pedigree from Launch New Questionnaire is facing incorrect validation message as “A pedigree Name already exist in folder”
  • PEDIGREE – Sibling lines are overlapping when “Redraw Pedigree” is turned on
  • PEDIGREE – New Pedigrees default layout is distorted due to the Pedigree Properties in the folder settings
  • PEDIGREE – Adding parents to default pedigree distorts the layout
  • PEDIGREE – Smart Draw -Adding Individuals by right click is not displayed in Canvas
  • PEDIGREE – Cannot add a child to an other spouse relationship
  • PEDIGREE – Adding unconnected individuals should ignore autodraw and not redraw the pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Smartdraw algorithm is not placing people where expected
  • LETTERS – Right-clicking on a table in a generated letter causes an error
  • MAIN – Unable to open pedigree for individual
  • PEDIGREE – Layout-Smart draw-Observing data loss after saving and reopening the pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – smart draw-Adding son/daughter shows error message
  • PEDGIREE – Adding multiple daughter distorts the pedigree layout after saving
  • PEDGIREE – Adding sister to a spouse and adding multiple children to sperate souses misplaces the pedigree layout
  • PEDGIREE – Manually attaching individuals as a son/daughter relationship to a spouse throws an error and does not save
  • PEDGIREE – One click add is adding female spouses to female individuals
  • PEDGIREE – Unconnected individuals generations are not getting set properly after creating relationships
  • FHQ – Creating other spouse relationship is not working properly
  • PEDIGREE – Error showed up with any interaction after individuals of pedigree is deleted from canvas
  • PEDGIREE – Loading issue with datasheet for switching individual
  • DATASHEET – Fields with validations are not saving the data in datasheet
  • PEDGIREE – Default pedigree layout for a new pedigree is incorrect
  • FIELDS – Server failed error to upload the image doc for image type field in datasheet
  • DATASHEET – Cannot change to the Date field with default value. Server Error message shown
  • PEDGIREE – Database error caused subpedigree not to create
  • PEDGIREE – SmartDraw/AutoDraw is not adding sibling in an expected spot
  • FHQ – Auto Run risk report for on submit for a questionnaire is not working .
  • INVITE STATUS – Table >> Add columns >> System field pedigree/Individual Names shown twice in Field chooser window
  • PEDGIREE – Individual name not displayed for newly created Pedigrees
  • DATASHEET – Columns Inside a Table are not saving changes in the individual datasheet
  • PEDGIREE – Adding relationship to individual is throwing error
  • PEDGIREE – Multiple Probands in Pedigree causing Error
  • INVITE STATUS – invite status is marked as “Partially Completed” when Submitted and Risk will not Run on Submit
  • MAIN – Delete individual functionality is not working
  • PEDIGREE – Failed to delete individual from pedigree canvas
  • PEDGIREE – Added text is not saving. The reopened pedigree is not displaying the pedigree text.
  • MAIN – User unable to change password
  • SPREADSHEET – All interactions with spreadsheet shows “database” error in release
  • PEDIGREE – Pedigree image is not displaying for newly created pedigree
  • MAIN – Unable to unlock inactive users
  • PEDIGREE – Pedigree Properties (specifically font) do not save / apply to all pedigrees in a folder
  • SPREADSHEET – Spreadsheets viewer right click is not working
  • FHQ – Submitted Spanish questionnaire confirmation message should be in Spanish
  • SPREADSHEET – Gender column in exported spreadsheets has a wrong format
  • MAIN – Current age/age at death incorrectly displays if you enter a 2 digits year older than 80 years old.
  • MAIN – Old password link in reset email still working after password has been changed
  • FHQ – Negation operators in skip logic do not work with blanks
  • PEDIGREE – Twin designation does not update automatically
  • LETTERS – Placeholder date fields are not the correct format
  • MAIN – Deleting multiple pedigrees including shortcuts causes Operation Canceled error
  • INVITE STATUS – FHQ Query Format – Create a query, close it, and click on “Create new query”, Old query is still displayed
  • LETTERS – need to save to see changes in letter
  • SPREADSHEET – Adding parenthesis in the query will sometimes make you do it twice to take into effect
Updated on March 30, 2022

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