New Features

  • PEDIGREE – Fit to Screen addition to the right-click and actions menu in pedigrees
  • PEDIGREE – Edit the properties for pedigree fields on the pedigree
  • PEDIGREE – Now prompted for any unsaved changes to pedigree fields formats
  • PEDIGREE – Able to save changes made to an existing pedigree fields format
  • PEDIGREE – Able to set the current pedigree fields format as the default for the folder or pedigree


  • DATASHEET – The free text disappears after entering period
  • GTR – Have gene tally only count non-null genes
  • GTR – Add a tally of genes for that a particular test result at the bottom of the screen
  • GTR – Better align Prior classification and classification drop-downs
  • GTR – Change Labs and Tests dropdown, when adding a new test result in Test Details window, to respond to the keyboard
  • Change the Test Details so that clicking outside the window does not close the pop-up

Bug Fixes

  • SYMBOLS/SUBTEXT – Subtext and Symbols are not displayed in Pedigree canvas
  • INVITES – New invite giving error after selecting a questionnaire without a datasheet format
  • CRITERIA – Breast/Ovarian Criteria details is not correct and the formatting is messed up
  • PEDIGREE – Pedigree data not showing up in pedigree drop fields as expected
  • MAIN – Searching the text from big search field does not produce results
  • FHQ – FHQ link of Launch new Questionnaires of individual is not loading
  • PEDIGREE – Error message while gender/Marked icon is changed for individual
  • MAIN – Using the < character in any field causes the data to be hidden until the field in clicked in
  • MAIN – Searching the text from big search field is causing database error for Ashkenazi jewish pedigree column
  • MAIN – Error when adding computed field to Pedigree smart list
  • MAIN – Date format in multiple locations are not identical
  • MAIN – Selecting folder should populate bottom list automatically
  • SPREADSHEETS – Deleting a column field deletes a sort field

Updated on March 30, 2022

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