For current Progeny users - Download the free Progeny App and connect to your database with the ease and flexibility of the iPad.

Manage Pedigrees and Family History Data with our Free iPad App

The Progeny App gives current Progeny clients the ability to connect to their own custom database to quickly draw and review pedigrees and track family history data using the iPad. Our app frees you from being tied to your desktop application, allowing more personal and flexible contact with your patients - whenever and wherever you want to see them. Ideal for genetic counselors and other clinicians.

Top Features:

  • Includes all of the major pedigree drawing features you’re accustomed to seeing in the desktop version.
  • Pedigrees can be generated automatically by entering the number of family members, or constructed quickly via one-click adding of family members. 
  • Search and access any pedigree in your current Progeny database.
  • Review and modify any clinical data for any member of the pedigree, just as you would in the desktop version.
  • Set up a custom data entry screen specifically for the iPad, and switch between formats anytime.

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