Progeny’s new Genetic Testing Results (GTR) feature simplifies the process for genetic counselors and clinicians to track and modify genetic testing results from various labs in one application.  Detailed results and documents from tests ordered through Ambry Genetics are now automatically displayed.  We’ve also substantially increased the number of fields sent from Progeny to AmbryPort when placing orders.  Together, these improvements result in much less manual entry and a greatly improved user experience.  See a quick overview of our test ordering process and results tracking through Ambry below:


Tracking Results From Other Labs

Users can also track results by selecting from a list of assays from other labs.  Gene lists are then auto-populated and can be modified quickly along with result classifications.  See a video of tracking test results for non-Ambry labs.

The GTR feature also empowers the clinician to use patient test results data when generating letters, querying data or tracking key reporting metrics.  Current users should update to Progeny or higher to access these new features and enhancements.