Collecting family history is an important, but often time consuming, process when treating patients. At Progeny, we are constantly enhancing our pedigree technology to minimize the time it takes to collect, analyze and act on family history data.

We are excited to announce the release of Progeny 10. Built to save you time, Progeny 10 boasts an updated interface design for easy and fast navigation, in addition to these exciting new features:

  • Free iPad application: your easy on-the-go access to Progeny 10’s database.  View Details…
  • Letter Generation: Create your own custom consult notes, patient letters and reports pre-populated with your patient’s data.  View Details…
  • Updated database engine for faster speed and performance

Learn more about the benefits of Progeny 10 to your workflow, and make plans to upgrade today!

Pledges sizeable investment to collect, sequence, and share critical data to unlock true potential of the human genome, breaking the hoarding data mold that hinders medical progress

Aliso Viejo, CA – March 8, 2016 – Today, Ambry Genetics, a leader in clinical genetic diagnostics and genetics software solutions, took a radical step to fulfill the promise of unlocking the human genome by launching AmbryShare (, the largest free, disease-specific public database of human genome sequencing data. This action is a conservative first step to support the global medical research community and breaks the mold of data hoarding being done in academic and commercial organizations.

The first data released today are anonymized, aggregated data of 10,000 human genomes (exomes) focused on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  Ambry Genetics has already identified 10-fold more genes implicated in these conditions than previously known to the public, broadening understanding and potentially opening up more drug targets than from any single data release in history.  The company also is committed to continuing this effort to sequence genomes and release the data for all of its consented and de-identified patient samples, potentially contributing data from almost 200,000 genomes annually based on projections from its current sample volumes, and profoundly impacting the collective understanding of the genetics behind all human disease.

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Progeny Cloud

Progeny Cloud brings the power of genetic data to all medical providers, allowing them to spend more time with patients and less time worrying about their software

Aliso Viejo, CA – January 14, 2016Ambry Genetics (Ambry), a leader in clinical genetic diagnostics and genetics software solutions, today launched Progeny Cloud, the most complete, affordable, and hassle-free way for medical practices and institutions to quickly and securely manage their patients’ pedigrees and family history data.  The software will help healthcare providers gain access to data that will help them more effectively identify genetic risk factors in the patients and families they see.

Progeny Cloud is a cost-free version of Progeny Clinical, the most comprehensive genetic pedigree and clinical data management software available anywhere, built by Progeny Genetics, LLC, a subsidiary of Ambry Genetics.  In April 2015, Ambry acquired Progeny, combining its premier clinical genetics laboratory with Progeny’s 20 years of experience in secure data management.

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Ambry Genetics knows patients and families affected by cancer need resources tailored to them. With this in mind, Ambry is thrilled to announce, their brand-new educational website, developed by genetic counselors and other medical experts, as well as patient advocacy groups.

Patients and families can find everything they need in one place:

  • Easy-to-read facts about breast cancer, ovarian cancer, genetics, and more
  • Informative videos from leading medical experts to illustrate key points
  • Hereditary Cancer Risk Indicator Tool– to assess cancer risk in less than a minute and kick-start a conversation with a healthcare provider
  • My Family History Tool (powered by Progeny Genetics) – to easily gather all known family health history for a more productive discussion with a healthcare provider
  • Support resources and organizations

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Ambry Genetics (“Ambry”) announces the acquisition of Progeny Software, LLC, in an agreement for which the terms remain confidential. This acquisition marries the premier clinical genetics laboratory with the gold standard pedigree software company, effectively redefining Ambry as a complete genetics services company on the forefront of personalized medicine.

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