scr_pedigreeProgeny has just released a new and improved version of our popular Free Online Pedigree Tool to make it easier than ever to draw and print your pedigrees.  Our new tool includes the same pedigree drawing interface and algorithm as in the web version of our flagship product, Progeny Clinical, as well as many of the same drawing features.  Check it out at  Major improvements include:

  • New Pedigree Builder Option – automatically draw your pedigree by simply indicating the number of each of the proband relatives
  • Faster, cleaner pedigree drawing with quick access to display options and no more Java applet required!
  • Tabbed window interface allowing you to quickly switch between pedigrees
  • Includes more options to customize the pedigree display, dimensions and SmartDraw algorithm
  • Symbols Legend now only displays symbols for conditions present in the pedigree

More improvements are forthcoming, including the ability to save a limited amount of pedigrees for free.  We are committed to providing the best possible pedigree drawing experience to students, genetic counselors and researchers worldwide.  If you’re still drawing pedigrees or genograms by hand, save time and headaches by giving the Online Pedigree Tool a try.  As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.