Progeny 9 Client Update


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Installation Instructions:

  1. Click the link below to download the update.  Once the file has been downloaded to your PC, double-click on the file to launch the install program.  This will update your Progeny 9 client.
  2. You must close Progeny before running the update.  This update is for the client PCs only, not the Server.  Each client PC must run the update.


Upgrade to Version 10

Progeny 9 Web users currently on the Progeny Support Plan (PSP), you are entitled to a FREE Progeny 10 upgrade.  Check out a list of major new features in Progeny 10


Release Notes

PROGENY (DB ver. 9150)

Scheduled, 9/9/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fields - In Lookup Table Maintenance, changing the order of the columns does not save
  • Individuals - Add the ability to populate a default Individual Name in the New Individual dialog (requires some manual config in the DB)
  • Pedigree - Last Modified for Subtext formats is unexpectedly changing from just loading the format with no actual changes to the format
  • User Maintenance - Changing to the full client from dashboard/patients screen for a user, then immediately making them an admin will cause the client interface to revert to dashboard/patients
  • User Maintenance - Minor UI cleanup since some controls were not positioned correctly
  • User Maintenance - When creating user classes there is now a check that will prevent classes from being created in some cases (prevents the possibility of DB corruption)


PROGENY (DB ver. 9144)

Scheduled, 8/9/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Actions/Workflows - Parent samples will not move into the next stage when aliquots inherit the stage
  • Actions - Set Container reaction - needs to prompt for another container saying original container is full
  • Actions - Would like the Browse to Container tree control to use the same lazy loading as the "Inventory" tab
  • Ambry Button - Ability to place orders for Pre-Verification
  • Fields - Ability to display data fields which are not used as the criteria for a table summary field
  • Fields - When adjusting the columns of a lookup table in a summary or table summary, there is no way to click out of it without closing the field dialog
  • Import - Pedigree XML Import does not bring in IDS formats
  • Import - Action import Load from Txt files will fail when I try to load it in Progeny
  • Pedigree - SAB symbol should be a triangle per standard pedigree nomenclature
  • Pedigrees - Child folders are not inheriting parent formats
  • Search - Include actual date being shown rather then what is stored in the database
  • Search - Certain hyphen searches unexpectedly brings up empty results
  • User Maintenance - Profile format needs Ambry IDs tab removed and have it default to that tab underneath whenever Profile Format is checked off


PROGENY (DB ver. 9139)

Scheduled, 7/15/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Pedigree - Individuals on the far right of very large pedigrees (the bug report said 46 pages) are not printing properly


PROGENY (DB ver. 9138)

Scheduled, 6/25/2016


  • User Maintenance - Allow usernames to contain spaces so that customers can use their existing LDAP user setups

Bug Fixes

  • Fields - When creating a new lookup table, the fields list is not being cleared out after clicking "Add" and successfully creating the field

  • Importing - Pedigree XML imports from the main screen are ignoring existing fields if the "Create Fields That Do Not Exist..." checkbox is not checked

  • Importing - After importing an XML pedigree and deleting a sub folder in the Fields module, you are not able to delete the parent folder even when it is empty

  • Importing - Load from text is not prompting correctly if you have the database set to force pedigree and individual names to be unique

  • Search - If you search for a pedigree then open the pedigree datasheet, it will sometimes result in an error

  • Spreadsheet - Date fields being exported in the Linkage and BRCAPro formats are all being populated with zeros in the exported .ped file

  • User Maintenance - Progeny would sometimes crash with an "Out of Memory" error in the User Maintenance dialog


PROGENY (DB ver. 9132)

Unplanned, 6/13/2016


PROGENY (DB ver. 9132)

Unplanned, 6/10/2016

Bug Fixes

  • DB Conversion - Conversion failing in certain cases when moving from 9.4.01 or earlier to 9.4.02 or later

  • Workflows - When using the inherit "Workflow Stage" system field in the "Create Aliquot" reaction type, the first aliquot will inherit the wrong stage


PROGENY (DB ver. 9132)

Scheduled, 6/3/2016


  • Fields - Allow individual level flat fields to be used in a sample level computed field

Bug Fixes

  • Datasheets - Cannot use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste text in the properties dialog

  • Fields - Summary fields are showing a database error if they summarize a computed field that references a system field

  • Import - Load from Txt is not functioning properly, fields are being skipped unexpectedly and general database errors are preventing import

  • Pedigree - Add pedigree level system fields to the Fields dialog so they can be dropped on the pedigree canvas

  • User Maintenance - Ambry Order Tab does not work in User maintenance when using Profile Format


PROGENY (DB ver. 9128)

Unplanned, 5/19/2016


PROGENY (DB ver. 9128)

Unplanned, 5/18/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Importing - Load From Txt - If you save Individuals and associated samples then try and load into another database the individuals will load but none of the samples will


PROGENY (DB ver. 9128)

Scheduled, 5/11/2016


  • User Maintenance - Add "Use Patients Screen" to the Client Interface options (Progeny Web only option) to user maintenance
  • User Maintenance - Add "Invite Status" to the Client Interface options (Progeny Web only option) to user maintenance

Bug Fixes

  • Datasheets - Datasheet format cannot be saved with a different name
  • Datasheets - Table datasheet field headings are incorrectly defaulting to strikethrough font
  • Datasheets - Default properties are not saving properly
  • Database Versioning - Converting to Progeny Version 9.4.02 can fail if the database has pedigree level fields on an individual datasheet
  • Importing - Load from Txt - Folder names for imported fields leave off last letter of the name
  • Importing - Load from Txt - In certain cases datasheets are not being imported correctly and can cause duplicated text or adding fields to an existing datasheet format
  • Spreadsheet - When using SS query or Query button, the equal operator can cause Progeny to crash


PROGENY 9.4.03 (DB ver. 9121)

Bug Fixes

  • Spreadsheet - Any computed field in a spreadsheet will cause Progeny to crash


PROGENY 9.4.02 (DB ver. 9121)


  • Datasheet - Give the ability to use different table column formats on each tab in a datasheet

Bug Fixes

  • Database Conversion - Fix issue with conversion from 9.3.05 to subsequent versions taking a very long time to complete

  • Fields - If you search for a field then edit it, the folder tree is not populating correctly in the Edit Field dialog (this is especially problematic when editing a computed field)

  • Fields - Dropping a field into a computed field causes path error in certain cases

  • Pedigree - It does not all you to change gender to female when an unknown individual is attached as a spouse to male

  • Pedigrees - A pedigree cannot be exported or imported as an xml file. Progeny crashes in the process


PROGENY 9.4.01 (DB ver. 9119)


  • User Maintenance - Add ability to show/hide Order Status workflow in the dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Automated Backups - Different backup events will carry over the days from the first backup when using the "Only On" function to select certain days
  • Importing - In a Load From Txt operation, fields will be placed in nameless sub-folders under their original folders
  • LDAP - In maintenance dialog show an error message if setting the sync password fails
  • Pedigree - Pedigree Drop Fields are not sticking to cursor when dragging if the scale has been changed
  • Pedigree - It does not all you to change gender to female when an unknown individual is attached as a spouse to male
  • Pedigree - Resizing drop fields after moving the view and changing scaling does not work properly
  • Spreadsheet - Copying and pasting results in the spreadsheet does not take into account filtered fields
  • Workflows- Inheriting Fields from Parent Samples - When creating aliquots would like to be able to inherit the parent workflow stage


PROGENY 9.4.00 (DB ver. 9117)


  • Pedigree and Individual Data Sheet - Ability to place Ambry test orders In Progeny via AmbryPortal
  • Data Sheets - Margin overlay for FHQ/tablet layout that can be toggled on/off
  • Pedigrees and Individuals - change the tree control in the main screen to use lazy loading to improve load times with slower connections
  • Fields - change the tree control in the main screen to use lazy loading to improve load times with slower connections

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard - Having a Sub-Folder as the default folder for pedigree creation causes intermittent database errors when trying to create a pedigree or access the FHQ
  • Data Sheets - User is prompted to save format on close even if you made no changes
  • Data Sheets - In a read only datasheet, the first field in the tab order appears editable
  • Fields - Spreadsheet Query Issue - Yes/No fields do not show up in query results as "N" after they have been converted from another field type
  • Icon Symbols - "in" operator does not function at all for applying Symbols in the Icons module
  • Samples - Right click menu for Actions and Action groups not displaying ampersand character correctly
  • Spreadsheets - Yes/No field should default to "N" when added to the query in a Spreadsheet instead of being blank
  • Spreadsheets - Empty value in query causes reversal of security restrictions for displayed results
  • Spreadsheets - Change functionality of "Save SS Formats" permissions to also prevent users from deleting spreadsheet formats
  • Workflows - Action Groups - When a particular action group is associated with a stage, that stage will not appear as a "Next Stage" option
  • Workflows - Sample Batches - In the new build batches of samples cannot be moved from one stage to the next


PROGENY 9.3.05 (DB ver. 9107)

PROGENY 9.3.05


  • Pedigree - Pedigree level fields displayed on the pedigree canvas have more formatting options including font, header, alignment, and sizing options
  • User Maintenance - Add ability to specify a Pedigree Fields format for a user to the Formats tab

Bug Fixes

  • Actions - Currently do not have the option to set an action group as "Stage Only"
  • Analysis - When running a Custom export a query format will appear for individuals, despite no formats existing
  • Auditing - Unable to Audit Fields for a newly created database
  • Auditing - The icons in the list of fields are not showing the correct fieldtypes in the audit report
  • Auditing - "Keep Applied Filters" does not keep the previously applied filters in the audit report
  • Automated Backups - Automated Backups are not saving properly
  • Data Sheets - Table data sheet defaults do not save when re-save main data sheet format with a new name
  • Data Sheets - Tabbing into/through Marker and SNP fields is not working correctly
  • Exporting - Table data sheet default does not save when pedigree saved as text
  • Exporting - Added text on table data sheet is missing when pedigree saved as text
  • Exporting - Progeny will crash if a large number of Actions are exported
  • Fields Module - Clicking on certain folders would cause all fields to be populated, not just the contents of the folder
  • Fields Module - Should be able to alphabetize a dropdown list in the Edit Field dialog by clicking on the header of the list
  • Importing - If "Update Container if Found" checkbox is ticked when importing containers into the Inventory module, the system will fail to import all containers, even if it is a first time import
  • Importing - When importing samples, it would be nice to be able to set the system field "Workflow Stage" as a header for a column, allowing a sample to enter a particular workflow stage as it is imported
  • Importing - Data for "Marked By" field does not import when importing new Individuals/Pedigrees
  • Importing - In a Load From Text operation, the import will fail if a date field has a default value of a constant like "Current Date"
  • Pedigree - Specific printers will print the wrong number of copies if more than one copy is printed
  • Pedigree - Searching for a field in the "Fields" dialog will sometimes show an error that reads "Encountered an improper argument."
  • Pedigree - Pedigree level fields displayed on the pedigree canvas cannot be moved or modified if there is no data entered
  • Pedigree - Move individual(s) to new pedigree is not eliminating the twin relationship properly from a person moved into a different ped
  • Pedigree - Progeny will crash if a large number of pedigrees are selected when I right click
  • Pedigree - The handles to adjust the size of an added text box are nearly impossible to grab once the box becomes small
  • Pedigrees Module - The Pedigree Fields format is not loading properly in the Template Formats dialog
  • Pedigrees Module - In the Database Options dialog Force Pedigrees to be Unique is flagging Individual Names as duplicates of Pedigree Names and preventing the setting from being turned on
  • Spreadsheet - Date Table field data jumps over to any left column when exported
  • Spreadsheet - Export One Row Per Individual option works intermittently for Exports
  • Spreadsheet - If AND/OR is not selected on the FAT client, you receive a generic database error with no indication why the error occurred.
  • Workflows - When using more than 8 action groups within a workflow, any new stages which contain action groups will not appear when trying to move samples through it


PROGENY 9.3.04

Bug Fixes

  • Automated DB Backups - File path of backup location clears out in automated backups dialog even though backups run correctly

  • Pedigree - The text is not getting clipped properly in the boundary for Pedigree level fields dropped on the pedigree

  • Search - Context search does not work for any of the modules within the Main Tab



PROGENY 9.3.03

Bug Fixes

  • Export Pedigrees - Bug in user interface when saving pedigree as text

  • Genotype Import - Import is missing data and/or not connecting to an individual after importing

  • Pedigree - Symbols legend not showing on pedigree

  • Pedigree - Add functionality to customize the formatting of each Pedigree level field dropped on the pedigree (font, heading, etc...)

  • Workflows - certain stages in workflow cannot be linked into workflow or deleted and new stages cannot be added to workflow

  • User Maintenance - Invites option in Licensing tab for profiles cut off by fixed window size



PROGENY 9.3.02


  • Spreadsheet - Ability to use column headers within spreadsheet format chooser to sort saved formats
    Invites - Allow system field 'Folder' to be included in the smart list for invites

Bug Fixes

  • Fields - Unable to update audit status on any field

  • Fields - When copying a field the description data does not carry over to new field

  • Pedigree - When using markers formats and Haplotypes are being displayed on a pedigree the system will crash, when the haplotypes are deselected the pedigree will run without any issues

  • Pedigree - In certain cases, Smartdraw fails to position pedigree members properly with "Autosize Subtext based on Data" checked

  • Pedigrees - Saving Pedigree as Text with Pedigree Field selected causes Progeny to crash

  • Pedigree Fields - Field display on the pedigree disconnects from the title, field size becomes too large

  • Pedigree Import - An unreported database error was causing imports to fail in some cases when the system fields Deceased, Adopted, or Marked By were included

  • Scan Mode - Scan mode is not carrying out any actions when an action barcode is entered

  • Scan Mode- After running an action group when trying to scan another barcode it fails with barcode not found

  • Workflows - Stages are getting deleted out of the workflow when you move to another workflow

  • Workflows - Certain stages in workflow cannot be linked into workflow or deleted and new stages cannot be added to workflow


PROGENY 9.3.01


  • CONTAINERS - Option to switch the auto-assignment of well positions from Left to Right (A1, A2, etc.) to Top to Bottom (A1, B1, etc) or serpentine

Bug Fixes

  • DATASHEET - Align center and align right for added text does not work

  • EXPORTING - Default value for fields is not getting transferred properly when using Save As Txt/Load From Txt

  • EXPORTING - Skip logic and/or selections not getting transferred properly when using Save As Txt/Load From Txt

  • FIELDS - The folder tree view is refreshing when closing the data source dialog

  • IMPORTING - When importing Pedigrees via the Import Module Individual names are being overridden and replaced with the pedigree name and UPN

  • IMPORTING - When trying to import samples via the Import Module an error message appears saying "You must choose a container type" and preventing any samples from importing

  • IMPORTING - In the import module, when assigning or autobuilding the columns, Child, Sibling, and Spouse 1 & 2 are not working properly

  • MAIN - In the SmartLists, the ascending/descending sort flag is not getting cleared when you switch folders

  • PEDIGREE - Child/Parent line is not getting drawn clearly when adding parents one at a time with Autodraw turned off

  • PROXY TABLES - Some spreadsheets and datasheets were failing to run due to a syntax error in the SQL statements generated

  • RISK ANALYSIS - Boadicea export will set both parent ID values to 0 in the exported file if individual has only 1 parent

  • SKIP LOGIC - Add ability to copy skip logic when copying a datasheet format (Saving an existing datasheet format with a new name)

  • SUBPEDIGREES - Individual Name is not displaying properly in the pedigree subtext

  • USER MAINTENANCE - Administrator users cannot delete other users

  • WORKFLOWS - Action Groups - When using action groups in a workflow stage, action groups can't be run on multiple samples at once


PROGENY 9.3.00


  • DATASHEET - Ability to insert a tab in Form Design mode, instead of new tabs always being created at the end

  • EXPORTING - Ability to save skip logic as part of 'save pedigree as text' option so you can import a datasheet format with corresponding skip logic to another database

  • IMPORTING - Ability to auto-increment Barcodes via the Import Module

  • LDAP - It is now optional to use the LDAP groups to assign users to Progeny user classes

  • SPREADSHEET - Add new settings to allow users to define how their data exports "newlines"

Bug Fixes

  • DATASHEETS - While attempting to set the tab order for fields, the number value is not retained

  • DATASHEETS - Number boxes inside tables carry over to other tabs if not deselected

  • IMPORTING - Cyrillic FAM import needs to be able to generate unique Pedigree and Individual Names in order to work when the unique Pedigree and Individual Name database options are enabled

  • IMPORTING - When using "container options" in the sample import and selecting the option "create container if barcode not found" the system will always generate a box no matter what container is selected

  • INVENTORY - Auto-generated barcode for the top level container puts a backslash before the barcode

  • PEDIGREE - The Global ID field's values change whenever an individual is moved to another Pedigree

  • SPREADSHEET - Import file is causing errors when importing due to additional enter characters not handled properly inside of double quotes

  • SPREADSHEET - Column headers do not get exported with the same formatting as the data in .csv exports

  • SPREADSHEET - Exporting files that are already in use does not generate any kind of failed export warning or dialog; it is difficult to tell that the export didn't work

  • SPREADSHEET - When importing data into a spreadsheet field constraints are not being checked and flagged

  • PROXY TABLES - Add rules to new data source and data folder dialogs so that you can't create objects with spaces or numbers

  • USER MAINTENANCE - Force end user to reset their password the first time they log in after the admin changes their password



PROGENY 9.2.02


  • DASHBOARD - Add configurable option for New Individual workflow so that Ind Name is not enterable and it defaults to Global ID

  • DASHBOARD - Add buttons for the new client interface options added for pedigrees

  • IMPORT MODULE - Ability to "Import and ignore blank cells" during the Import Module import

  • USER MAINTENANCE - Add option in Formats tab to set default format for Pedigree Subtext and Pedigree Symbols (This might only be implemented for the end user in the Fat Client)

  • USER MAINTENANCE - Add checkboxes for pedigree level spreadsheet (build and run) and datasheet to the Use Dashboard Client section on the Client Interface tab in user maintenance

Bug Fixes

  • ACTIONS - Next Stages are not running properly

  • PROXY TABLES - When a table is dropped onto a datasheet, the data does not populate.  You need to save the format, then reopen the DS

  • PROXY TABLES - When flat fields are dropped on a datasheet, if you try to edit the data right away you will get a "Save Data Warning" messagebox

  • PROXY TABLES - When table data is loaded, date fields are not being formatted properly

  • PROXY TABLES - In the datasheet date field table subfields are not saving properly

  • PROXY TABLES - If I run a spreadsheet with a table I get a database error

  • SPREADSHEET - If you load a format that has a date field in the query, when you click on the Value column to edit, the date does not populate in the editor

  • SPREADSHEET - Sample Spreadsheet is populating table rows unexpectedly for rows that should not exist when users run "Spreadsheet (for this folder only)" on the main screen


PROGENY 9.2.01

Bug Fixes

  • REACTIONS - Print Barcodes - No individual or pedigree level system fields for print barcode display fields

  • Changing the individual linked to a sample does not update the aliquot; new system reaction required "Unassign Individual"

  • FIELDS - Add a new system field called "Sample Folder Path" to display the sample folder path

  • SUBTEXT - Pedigree viewer fails to load pedigree if subtext configuration contains a table field and non-table field on the same row (UI fix to prevent the situation)

  • Pedigree individuals become disconnected and cannot be changed

  • Lab Export issue for Family Association

  • IMPORT - Text import with basic pedigree structure failing on specific pedigrees for unknown reason

  • PEDIGREES - Cyrillic FAM file will not import in version 9; causes Progeny to hang

  • SPREADSHEET - add a checkbox to the export dialog to "export newlines as spaces"

  • PEDIGREES - Merge Pedigree is causing Progeny to crash; also Move Individual into Existing Pedigree (Pedigree chooser window crash, same as in copy features, etc...)

  • SS - Marker names are still not getting added properly if you add a field to the Query from the Columns pane

  • ACTIONS - clean up edit reaction dialog for system reactions


PROGENY 9.2.00


  • ANALYSIS - Ability to delete a single field in the Additional Fields section in analysis exports

  • FIELDS - Add chromosome as a system field that can be added to the main screen as a marker smart search header

  • GENOTYPING - Better reporting for rejected items for Wide Import formats

  • IMPORTING - Add option to Load Pedigrees/Individuals/Samples from TXT and Load Pedigrees from XML that allows user to restrict data field imports to ONLY those that already exist in the database

  • LOGIN - Allow users to specify outbound ports and a TLS encryption certificate file for network connections

  • ORDERS - Allow web order form to let users to add Parent samples to an order as well as Aliquot samples

  • PEDIGREE - Ability to lasso members within an existing pedigree, right-click and move to a new or existing pedigree while retaining the current individual names and pedigree relationships

  • PEDIGREE - Add checkbox for "Show Invite Status" to Progeny Properties and draw symbol for INVITED status above the individual icons

  • PEDIGREE DROP FIELDS - Allow summary or computed fields to be displayed on pedigree

  • PROXY TABLES - Allow remote fields to be used in the subtext and symbols in the pedigree

  • SPREADSHEET - Show full path when hovering over a field in the format builder

  • SPREADSHEET - Load/Save Format dialog now allows full row highlighting as well as sorting in the format list


Bug Fixes

  • ANALYSIS - Cannot view results in the main screen bottom pane when you select saved analysis exports

  • DATASHEET - Clicking space bar when not inside a field causes Progeny to crash

  • EXPORTING - Save Pedigree as TXT export status dialog stops at about 20% even though the export is successfully created

  • EXPORTING - Save Pedigrees/Individuals/Samples/Fields as TXT is not saving Table Summary subfields correctly

  • IMPORTING - Cyrillic import is failing due to long annotations in the original pedigree

  • IMPORTING - Delimited file is causing Progeny to hang when importing complex pedigree even with "Use Shadows" options checked

  • IMPORTING - Load Pedigree from Txt is not creating formats or defaulting them properly for non-template options

  • MARKERS - Markers were not populating correctly when a chromosome is selected and the DB header tree item is selected

  • ORDERS - Order search in the sample browser is not populating drop down values

  • PEDIGREE - Snap to grid is causing some issues with SmartDraw

  • PEDIGREE - DDLB option to "Load a different format..." is not working for subtext and symbols if there is no format currently selected

  • PEDIGREES - Copy Pedigree is not working in certain cases due to table fields

  • PEDIGREES - Pedigree level summary fields are not populating correctly when you add a column to the smartlist

  • PROXY TABLES - Adding rows to a remote user table in the datasheet is not saving correctly

  • PROXY TABLES - When running a table format in a datasheet, the data is not loading properly

  • RISK ANALYSIS - Make sure that age field of Boadicea export is being exported as an integer

  • SPREADSHEET - Sort fields are not getting cleared out properly after loading new SS format

  • SPREADSHEET - Unable to query markers on spreadsheet

  • SPREADSHEET - Database error when running spreadsheets if you are using an Individual level computed field that references a Pedigree level field

  • SPREADSHEET - In the format builder if you use the mousewheel before the SS has been run Progeny may crash

  • SPREADSHEET - Fix Pedigree data spreadsheet so that no subpedigrees are populated when the SS is run


PROGENY 9.1.01


  • DATASHEET - When a drop down is dropped on the DS, size the field so that it is wide enough to accommodate the longest value

  • FIELDS - Add ability to search for fields to add to Datasheets, Icon Symbols, and Icon Subtext when editing formats

  • PEDIGREE - Ability to batch "remove individual from pedigree" so several individuals can be removed at the same time

  • SCAN MODE - Default "Repeat Current Action after it completes" to Y for all actions initiated as an Action (not a Stage)

  • USERS - User permissions will now allow admin to restrict access to edit Actions and Reactions

  • WORKFLOWS - Stages need to have the ability to designate stages as "Entry Stages"

Bug Fixes

  • ACTIONS - Actions Right click Menu does not show up some of the time when you right click on samples in the main screen

  • ACTIONS - "Run only Once" is not working correctly

  • ACTIONS - Reaction - Set Sample Folder should provide a "Browse to" button in the Edit Reaction dialog

  • ACTIONS - Cannot take a cumulative aliquot volume that equals the parent sample volume

  • DATASHEET - Field warehouse position is not getting saved properly when you close

  • GENOTYPES - Marker order in genotypes export is disrupted in Progeny 9.1

  • IMPORT MODULE - Should not allow samples to be their own parent sample

  • IMPORT MODULE - Add ability for auto-build to recognize existing unique field names

  • IMPORT MODULE - Column headers that have an apostrophe ( ' ) in the field name cause a database error and cause serious corruption in the database

  • MARKERS - Cannot search for a marker using the smart search header and delete

  • MARKERS - Alias is missing as a column on the main screen for "All Markers"

  • MARKERS - DB versioning should trim spaces on front and back ends of marker names and also perform this trim during marker set imports

  • ORDERS - Samples are not populating in the Order after they have been submitted in the Orders Module

  • PROXY TABLES - Fix bug where Data Source was not deleting properly

  • PROXY TABLES - Fix the -660 type mismatch error

  • PROXY TABLES - All controls in the setup dialogs should sort alphabetically (tables, columns, DSNs, etc...)

  • PROXY TABLES - Fix tab order in the Add Data Source dialog

  • PROXY TABLES - Load data for remote fields when they are dropped onto the datasheet

  • PROXY TABLES - in the IDS dates are not saving properly for flat or table subfields (check the SS also)

  • PROXY TABLES - Change drop down list box style to Drop List where the user shouldn't be able to type in the box

  • PROXY TABLES - On creation of a table field, force all columns to be NULLable

  • PROXY TABLES - Add Select All and Deselect All buttons to the Data Folder dialog

  • RISK ANALYSIS - Boadicea Export Improperly Formatted

  • RISK ANALYSIS - Enable CaGene and Boadicea risk exports from sub-pedigrees

  • SAMPLES - Individual Level computed fields are populating values for samples when they are unassociated with an individual

  • SAMPLES - Clicking on sample folders while other sample lists are loading causes a hard crash

  • SAMPLES - Clicking a sample folder while another sample folder is loading in the background cause sample list not to populate

  • SCAN MODE - Lookup Table is not providing a dropdown

  • SPREADSHEET - When loading a spreadsheet format the read only status is not getting loaded properly for subfields of a read only table

  • TABLE DATASHEET - Image fields are not getting initialized properly when there are no rows, causing a crash

  • USERS - User settings are failing to save if the first or last name contains single quotes


PROGENY 9.1.00


  • User Maintenance - Allow other users besides progeny to be marked as Administrator giving them the same permissions as the progeny superuser

  • Pedigree - Add a configurable option that will draw a roman numeral on each generation

  • Risk Analysis - Add new columns to Boadicea export so it will conform to Boadicea 3.0 format

Bug Fixes

  • Actions/Reactions - Ability to skip the reactions "Assign to Individual" and "Update Container/Position" by entering a blank value

  • Actions/Reactions - Delete Sample reactions should not allow users without security privileges to delete samples

  • Actions/Reactions - Cannot manually input B1 for a container position, it will start at A1 no matter what is entered

  • Containers - Scan mode should not be an option in the toolbar if the user does not have LIMS

  • Database Conversion - Conversion from Progeny 8 to Progeny 9 is failing if the database contains and pedigree folders with a single quote in the name (i.e. Bob's Pedigrees)

  • Datasheet - Table datasheets are not saving data properly

  • Datasheet - Tables in a datasheet are allowing users to sort by clicking on the headers for text columns but not date columns

  • Datasheet - Default Properties are not saving properly

  • Fields - Cannot Save Fields as Text, export stops 50% of the way and does not finish

  • Fields - Hard Crash when loading a lookup table as text and then trying to modify it in Lookup Table Maintenance

  • Fields - Database error when trying to upload a format within lookup table maintenance

  • Fields - Column widths are reverting to the defaults (1/5 of the list control width) when switching between modules even if they have been resized

  • Fields - Changing anything for a checkbox field in the Edit Field dialog is prompting the user that they are changing the datatype

  • Fields - Copying a table causes a crash

  • Fields - Copying summary fields is not copying system level fields in the query properly

  • Icon Subtext - There was a bug in the subtext processing causing the subtext data to be retrieved twice when opening a pedigree

  • Inventory - Set the default barcode to the Container Path + Autogenerated Container Name

  • Pedigree - Remove Individual From Pedigree is causing a crash if launching the pedigree from the dashboard interface

  • Pedigree - Conserve Left Space is moving people unexpectedly

  • Pedigree - XML Import is failing unexpectedly during the field setup step

  • Pedigree - Save button icon is not drawing in the Toggle Spreadsheet pane

  • Pedigree - Using the tab or enter key to move between cells is not working in the Toggle Spreadsheet pane

  • Pedigree - Checkbox columns are not getting added properly when an Spreadsheet format is loaded in the Toggle Spreadsheet pane

  • Pedigrees - Pedigree imports are failing if it needs to create any fields

  • Pedigrees - Import FAM files is not importing all genetic statuses

  • Risk Analysis - Verify that Create Fields is creating the correct fields and pointing to the correct fields if using the demo database fields

  • Samples - Two column import of Sample Name and Volume (with update existing samples checked) is clearing out the container positions

  • Samples - Progeny will allow users to try and add a sample even if there is no folder for a sample to belong to. Even if users do not have the rights to create a folder

  • Samples - Importing non-numerics into Volume overwrites volume to 0, should ignore the value instead of overwriting

  • Save as Txt/Load from Txt - Export is failing if not exporting any table fields

  • Save as Txt/Load from Txt - Import is not creating subtext, symbols, and markers format folders properly

  • Security - Certain security settings were not defaulting to the correct value, causing result sets in spreadsheets and list controls to not populate correctly

  • Spreadsheet - Vertical scroll bar missing when running a spreadsheet from a pedigree

  • Spreadsheet - Icons for Query, Sort, Delete, Move Up, and Move Down are not drawing in the spreadsheet builder window

  • Spreadsheet - Builder window will be shown on top of spreadsheet results if the window is resized in any way

  • Spreadsheet - the DOES NOT EXIST checkbox is showing all fields in the Spreadsheet query window when it only applies to table sub fields

  • Spreadsheet - Add the run button back to the toolbar so the spreadsheet can be rerun without going back to the editor/builder

  • Spreadsheet - SQL is not getting generated correctly for table queries or for marker tables for samples causing the result set to return unnecessary rows

  • Spreadsheet - if searching for a marker in the Fields dialog Progeny will crash in certain cases when trying to drag that marker onto the spreadsheet columns list

  • Spreadsheet - Table subfields are loading for a format even if the user does not have access to the table

  • Users - When a user changes a password the connection string is not getting rebuilt properly causing connectivity issues when opening pedigrees, datasheets, and spreadsheets


PROGENY 9.0.01


  • Datasheet - Add option to select/de-select all within Select Fields dialog for editing table formats

  • Datasheet - For tables, add Save Format and Load Format options to right click menu

  • Datasheet - Add the ability to copy a table row via a right click option

  • Genotyping - Add the ability to change the ID field in the Discrepancies tab

  • Icon Symbols - Expand available operators for symbol definition to include IN and NOT IN

  • Icon Symbols - Add the ability to specify a different label to display for each item in the symbols legend


  • Database Conversion - Certain parts of the conversion will fail if you have Datasheet, Table Datasheet, Subtext, Symbols, or Marker formats that have single quotes in the name

  • Datasheet - Column width is not loading properly when you load a saved table format

  • Fields - When editing a number or date field, it is prompting that the datatype will change even if you don't change the field type

  • Import Module - User defined fields are not loading properly when you load a format

  • Import Module - User defined field data is not getting formatted properly and causing database errors in the Pedigree import

  • Pedigree - Checkbox field data is not displaying properly in the subtext

  • Pedigree -  Format drop down lists and labels are not shifting properly when the Icons pane is hidden or resized
    Save As Text/Load From Text - Table Datasheet formatting is not included when exporting pedigree from one database and importing to another

  • Spreadsheet - Sorting by a date column is not working correctly if you click on the header to sort

  • Spreadsheet - Cells are not always drawing red when validations are violated

  • Spreadsheet - Checkbox data is not being saved properly