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Colorectal Screening Tools for Identifying High Risk Patients

Approximately 1 in 35 individuals has a hereditary gene that increases their risk for hereditary colorectal cancer, yet most are unaware.  Identifying these individuals before they develop cancer through genetic testing and increased screening has been proven to reduce the risk of developing cancer.  With Progeny’s High Risk Colorectal Triage tool you can quickly identify patients at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes. 

The patient completes an online questionnaire at home or via tablet in the waiting room prior to the appointment. Progeny then compares the patient’s family history to published referral guidelines for hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes. Those meeting criteria may be offered a more detailed questionnaire which builds a pedigree and runs the PREMM risk model to determine the level of risk for Lynch syndrome. A customizable report can then be viewed and/or printed of the risk analysis results for the gastroenterologist to act upon immediately.

  • Emphasis on hereditary gastrointestinal cancer syndromes such as Lynch syndrome and polyposis.
  • Identify patients who meet referral criteria for genetic counseling/testing for hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes
  • Ideal for colonoscopy suites or gastroenterology clinics

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