Progeny 10

Progeny 10 showcases an improved user-friendly interface, combined with time-saving and flexible features like letter generation, test results, and our new iPad app

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Create Consult Notes, Letters and Documents from Patient Data

Clinicians and genetic counselors now have an efficient and easy way to create patient letters and documents. Include any database field or the patient pedigree into custom templates to quickly produce any document for any patient.
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letter generation

View Testing Results

View detailed genetic test results automatically from Ambry Genetics, or quickly track these results from other labs. Genes are auto-populated for each test ordered from other labs, making it easier to modify and update.  This feature dramatically decreases the time spent on data entry and improves data for letters, querying and reporting.
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Free iPad App to Manage Pedigree and Patient Data

Free yourself from your desk, and allow more personal and flexible contact with your patients. Connect to your database via iPad to quickly draw, review, and track pedigree data.
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pedigree app

Improved User Interface

Progeny has a whole new modern look to make it easier to read and navigate, with more improvements to come. New enhancements include:

  • New Main Navigation Bar - it's always present to quickly access main modules of the software from any tab you're on
  • New Tables and Grids - More row spacing and larger fonts throughout provides better readability.
  • Draggable Tabs - Drag and position main tabs according to the way you like to work.
  • Login Options - Users can select specific tabs to open after login, or to open the tabs from the last session
  • Collabsible Panes - Split screens are now collabsible, giving you more access to the main window.
progeny interface

Other New Features and Enhancements

  • Mammography Workflow - Time saving features that create a very efficient workflow ideal for mammography, breast centers and high risk triage screening. The ability to launch a new questionnaire directly for an individual or continue an existing one while skipping the login page has been added - great for screening patients in the waiting room. The ability to auto-run risk at the end of a questionnaire for any risk model has been added as well. See our high risk breast triage screening solution  
  • Extended Ambry Field Mapping - This will allow you to map over significantly more fields from Progeny to AP2 than you could before, so they can be pre-populated when a test order is placed. This should significantly decrease the amount of time spent placing an Ambry order.
  • Tyrer-Cuzick 8 – This is the latest version of Tyrer-Cuzick and includes 4 new fields
  • FHQ – Invites Admin option added to the security options in user maintenance. Users without this option will only have access to the invites module and no longer have access to Edit Questionnaire or Email Templates.
  • Forgot Password on Login Page - Users will be able to reset their own password on the web. This functionality will also auto-unlock users that were locked from too many login attempts.
  • Delete Multiple Pedigrees - multi-select rows to right-click and delete all the pedigrees selected
  • Database Upgrade - Our database engine has been upgraded to the latest version of Sybase 17, providing greater speed and stability.
  • Many New Enhancements - see our Release Notes for a complete list of time-saving enhancements and improvements to current functionality.