End of Life Notices

In order to provide the best software and product support for our customers, Progeny must periodically retire older versions of the software.  This enables us to dedicate all our resources in delivering the latest features, enhancements and support to our current version - used by most Progeny customers.

Progeny Versions 1 Thru 8

All product support for Versions 1 thru 8 is discontinued.  Customers using these products may upgrade to the latest version of Progeny with special upgrade pricing.

Is Progeny offering special pricing to upgrade?
Why upgrade now?

In addition to receiving many new features and enhancements, you should upgrade now to take advantage of our special pricing and save money.  Upgrading now will put you back on our Support Plan - giving you unlimited access to all of our support options.

Will I be able to re-install my old version?

Previous versions of the software will no longer be publicly available for download. In order to re-install, please contact support to discuss your installation options. 

What will happen to my existing data if I upgrade?

You do not lose any data.  Upgrading is easy, and the conversion is done automatically in a few clicks.  You can update from any previous version.  Please contact support with any additional questions.

Who do I contact to upgrade?


Progeny Anywhere

As of April 2015, all product support for the Progeny Anywhere product is discontinued.  Please contact support to discuss available options.

Progeny Pro Tool

As of June 1, 2018, all product support for the Progeny Pro Tool is discontinued.  Please contact support to discuss migrating to our free or premium Clinical cloud options.