Updating the Questionnaire

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  1. To update a page of the patient/proband questionnaire, you need to update the FHQ/questionnaire individual datasheet format. Open any individual in the Templates folder.
    • Typically there is a ‘Family History Questionnaire Template’ pedigree with one individual in it that can easily be used for template updates.
  2. Select Form Design.
  3. You will notice that each tab is one of the pages of the patient/proband portion of the questionnaire.
  4. Find the tab/page that needs to be edited.
  5. Select and edit the text that needs to be edited.
  6. You can update the text settings by clicking the Style button.

    1. If the text does not highlight, it means that the text is a field display heading. Select the field and click Properties.
    2. Edit the Display Heading in the middle of the Properties box.

      • You may need to move the field around on the tab/page display if the display heading is longer/shorter than it was before.
  7. Additional fields/questions can be asked by using the Fields button and adding fields to the datasheet – you can then use added text or display headings to edit the question that is supposed to go with the new field/question added to the datasheet.
  1. Ensure that you keep all text boxes and field boxes within a width of 44 grid boxes or it will cause the FHQ to have a left/right scrollbar for that page.
  2. Click Save Fmt and click Save in the Save Format dialog box.
  3. Click Yes when prompted that there is a format with that name that already exists and would you like to overwrite it. You want to overwrite the existing individual datasheet format so that the skip logic for your questionnaire remains intact.

View Video: Edit Questionnaire Datasheet

Updated on April 11, 2018

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