Updating the Questionnaire Logo

On the FHQ, external DMZ, server
  1. Locate the Apache Tomcat png folder. You will find your current logo file(s) in this folder. For example: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.0\webapps\ROOT\png.
    • If you name your new logo the exact same name, there is NOTHING you need to do after replacing the old logo file with the new logo file.
    • If the logo file(s) has a new name, then follow the steps below:
      1. Login to the Progeny Web Configuration back-end and go to the Web Data Capture Configuration module.
      2. Select the questionnaire from the drop-down at the top. Select the Login Logo URL and Logo Questionnaire URL configurable options and update the URL of the new logo (for example if the name of the logo file changes)
        • Login Logo URL: the logo on the FHQ login screen.
          • Good height=75-100px. Max width=1123px
        • Logo Questionnaire URL: the logo that appears on every page of the questionnaire.
          • Good height=75-100px. Max width=800px
Progeny Web Client
  1. Login to Progeny web.
  2. Select Email Templates from the Invites Module.
  1. Select an email template. Highlight the logo in the HTML editor box and click on the little insert image button in the HTML editor (red arrow below) and enter the new image URL that you want to use in the email format. Repeat for each email template as necessary.
  1. Click Save.
Updated on April 11, 2018

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