Setting up Automatic Reminders

Progeny Web Client
  1. Go to the Invites module.
  2. Click Edit Questionnaires.
  3. Select the questionnaire in which you want to add/update automatic reminders.
  4. Go to the Email Settings tab.
  5. Check the box next to Turn on Automated Reminders.
  6. Two different kinds of automatic reminders can be set up. You can use one or both. Both will send the reminder email format already setup.
    • Remind every (x) days/week for a maximum number of reminders
      • Reminders will be sent the number of days/weeks after the invitation is sent for a maximum number of times.
    • Remind once (x) day/weeks before a date in the field
      • A reminder will be sent just one time the number of days/week before a date that is in a date field in the database. If you store a date in your database then this option can use that field. For example, Appointment date is often used.

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Updated on January 10, 2020

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