Pedigrees Module

Pedigrees Module

Creating a Pedigree

To create a Pedigree from the Progeny Web Interface, select the Pedigrees module, then click the New Pedigree button in the upper right corner of the screen.

This will open the Add New Family window.

  1. Select a folder to save the pedigree into.
  2. Type the name of the pedigree.
  3. Select the gender for the proband.
  4. If you would like to create the pedigree right away click Draw Now.
  5. If you would like to quickly add relatives to the proband select Next.
  6. After clicking Next, you can enter the number of each relative listed for the proband.
    View Video: Build a Pedigree
Main Interface

  1. The Folder section: Lists the folders used for organizing and storing pedigrees.
  2. Show sub-folder arrow in the Folder section: Click to show/hide sub-folders.
  3. Folder Menu option: Shows Open Pedigree/Individual spreadsheet menu option for the folder.
  4. Pedigrees section: Displays the pedigrees in the selected folder.
  5. Pedigrees Actions menu: Menu options for working with pedigrees.
  6. The Individuals section shows all the individuals in the selected pedigree.
  7. The Actions menu for individuals, allows you to work with individuals more directly, see the second section below for more details.
  8. The Invites tab shows all the invites to individuals in the selected pedigree and has the same invite options as the Invites Module.
Pedigree Actions Menu

  1. Open Pedigree – Opens the selected pedigree.
  2. Copy Pedigree – Copies the selected pedigree to another location.
    View Video: Copy a Pedigree
  3. Move Pedigree – Moves the selected pedigree to another location.
  4. Rename Pedigree – Renames the selected pedigree, and will prompt you to rename the individuals inside.
  5. Delete Pedigree – Deletes the selected pedigree.
  6. Open Pedigree Datasheet – Opens a datasheet for more information about the pedigree.
  7. Create Shortcut – Creates a shortcut to the selected pedigree that can be in another folder to allow easier access to selected pedigrees.
  8. New Task – Allows you to add the selected pedigree to a task or reminder inside Progeny to remind you to work with the selected pedigree at a later time.
  9. Generate External Link – Allows you to generate a link to allow others to view it without requiring a login, the pedigree cannot be modified from the link, but it WILL contain PHI.
  10. Risk Algorithms – If configured, allows you to export the pedigree to certain external Risk algorithms, CaGene, Boadicea, and BRCAPro.
Individuals Action Menu

  1. Rename Individual – Renames the selected individual.
  2. Open Individual Datasheet – Opens the selected individual’s datasheet.
  3. Open Pedigree – Opens the pedigree the selected individual is in.
  4. Add Sample – Adds a sample location to the selected individual.
  5. New Invite – Sends them a new invite to a Family History Questionnaire.
  6. Generate Letter – Generates a letter for the patient.
Updated on April 11, 2018

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