Email Templates

The email templates for the Family History Questionnaires (FHQ) are saved in this module.

Each email template can be customized with the Template Name, Email Subject, and the email Body. There are four templates that are included with the FHQ and are listed below:

  • Invitation Email – the template that is used for sending invitations.
  • Submit Email – the template that is used to acknowledge when a questionnaire is submitted by patients.
  • Unfinished Email – the template that is used to remind a patient that a questionnaire has not been completed.
  • Reminder Email – the template that is sent automatically according to the Emails Settings tab in the questionnaire, or used for manually sending a reminder email using the Actions menu of the Invites and Individuals
  • Locked (IRB Approved) – indicates that the email template has been reviewed by your organization’s Institution Review Board (IRB).

There are also additional options at the top of the Email Templates page.

  • Save – saves any changes made to any of the email templates.
  • New Template – creates a new email template.
  • Delete – deletes an email template.

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Updated on January 10, 2020

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