Adding a Consent

Desktop Client
  1. Login to the Progeny Desktop Client.
  2. Create a Yes/No field to be used as the consent field
  3. Create an IDS format that will be the page(s) of the consent. You can have multiple tabs and use skip logic – setup skip logic in the Progeny Web Configuration, just as you would setup skip logic for any other IDS format.
Web Client configurations
  1. Login to Progeny Web Configuration back-end.
  2. Go to Web Data Capture Configuration.
  3. Select the configuration folder from the top drop-down.
  4. In the Configurable Options section to the right, select Consent checkbox field and browse to the location of the checkbox field in the database that will be used for the consent.
  5. Click Add and then close out and click Save.
Progeny Web
  1. Login to Progeny Web.
  2. Navigate to the Invites module and select Edit Questionnaires.
  3. Select a questionnaire and go to the Consent Page tab.
  4. Check the box Add Consent Page.
  5. You can rename this page using the Consent Page title field. The default is Consent form.
  6. Select the IDS format that you created above.
  7. Go to the Summary Page tab.
  8. In the Empty Summary Page Instructions, include the instructions that a patient will see if they do NOT check the box to consent.
    • Patients will have to click Next after the consent page in the questionnaire and then they will see the information in the Empty Summary Page Instructions. They can then click Submit to submit their questionnaire as declined.
Updated on April 11, 2018

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