How do I export patient data to create a custom letter or report using Microsoft Word Mail-Merge?

How can I export data and create reports via Microsoft Word?

Mail-Merge allows you to arrange data into a letter or custom format and print, mail, or email your data.


Step One: Create an Individual spreadsheet and add all the fields you will need when making your word document.


Step Two: Using the Export button at the top, export the data (Tab Delimited Format) and include column headings.


Step Three: Save your export somewhere on your computer.


Step Four: Open MS Word and click on the MAILINGS tab. From this tab click on START MAIL MERGE and click STEP BY STEP MAIL MERGE WIZARD.


Step Five: There will be a window pane that appears on your far right hand side. There is a total of six steps for the mail merge wizard. In step 3 you will browse your computer and find the export file that we saved.


Step Six: When you are ready to begin arranging your data inside of a letter, template, or blank document, click on INSERT MERGE FIELD. Arrange your data in the format you wish to use, there are options to preview or find a specific recipient as well.


Step 7: You are finished creating your document, now you can choose to print, email, or save your document.

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