Order and Manage Genetic Tests Within Progeny

Progeny Clinical features the ability to order genetic testing for any patient through Ambry Genetics.  The addition of this feature completes a turnkey operation of collecting family history data from your patients, performing risk assessment to identify at-risk patients, and now ordering tests and reviewing results for those patients all in one place.

Request Order Setup

Review Order Status

The interface also allows you to check the status and results of all your orders with Ambry, even those that were not submitted through the Progeny interface.

manage genetic tests

View and Track Testing Results

View detailed test results automatically from Ambry Genetics, or quickly track these results from other labs.  Genes are auto-populated for each test ordered from other labs, making it easier to modify and update.

  • Decreases time spent on manual entry of genetic and family history data
  • Auto-populate or modify gene lists displayed for a variety of germline panels with minimal effort
  • Automatic and accurate display of current genetic testing results for assays ordered through Ambry Genetics
  • Notifications allow the user to know when test results are reported or cancelled.
  • Improves clinician’s ability to generate letters, query data and reporting for downstream processing
  • Better segmentation of data for tracking key reporting metrics

  View Video: Track Genetic Test Results for Non-Ambry Labs

view genetic test results