About Progeny

Since 1996, Progeny has been a leader in tracking family history data for clinical genetic services and researchers worldwide.

Powering the World's Pedigree Data

Progeny was established in 1996 and presented the first version of the software at the ASHG (American Society for Human Genetics) Conference. The premise of the application was originally conceptualized by a local oncologist involved in a collaborative study who needed the following:

  • Pedigrees and data to be intimately linked together and updated simultaneously;
  • Pedigrees to be easy to construct and easily modified;
  • A fully functional database allowing for the end-user to customize it for any hereditary study, without requiring database programming skills.
  • Ability for multiple users to access pedigrees and data for collaboration.

These needs resulted in what is still today the most comprehensive genetic pedigree and clinical data management software available anywhere.

The Present

Since Progeny was introduced in 1996:

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide software to the genetic healthcare community to gather patient family history data and make this data portable through an integrated network of healthcare providers.

A Vision for the Future

For 20 years, Progeny has increasingly enhanced the technology required to manage clinical, family history, and pedigree data. Users can now collect family history directly from patients, review and edit pedigrees, run integrated risk models, order and review genetic testing, and integrate into the electronic medical record, allowing organizations to embrace personalized healthcare like never before. Contact us to determine how our software solutions can help your institution.



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