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Progeny Clinical simplifies the process of managing family history, assessing risk and determining treatment options for your patients.

Collect Family History

Collect family history online directly from your patients before their clinic visit. Edit or create new pedigrees at any time.
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Assess Risk

Run validated hereditary cancer risk assessment models at the touch of a button without re-entering data. Generate custom queries and spreadsheets.
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Order and Track Genetic Testing

Order genetic testing from Ambry Genetics seamlessly within Progeny. Track orders and review results without ever leaving the software.
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Generate Letters from Patient Data

Save time - create letters, consult notes, reports, and documents from custom templates that include patient data fields.
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Integrate with your EMR

Add a hyperlink within your electronic medical record to easily display the patient’s most recent pedigree.
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Get Up and Running Quickly

Progeny hosts your database on a secure and private server, eliminating need for local IT support. Ready-to-use templates get you started quickly.
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Labs & Researchers


Progeny LIMS

Custom specimen tracking system integrating specimen, patient and pedigree data. Ideal for clinical labs, biobanks and researchers.

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